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Friday, July 15, 2011

Corsets and Crimson Cheeks by Tori McCalin

Corsets and Crimson Cheeks by Tori McCalin
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (111 pages)
Other: M/F, spanking, masturbation, BDSM
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Amaryllis

Who knew pink was her color?

This is Jeanette’s big break—posing as a submissive for Maude La Roma fetish wear for the cover of a top fashion magazine. When she learns she’s partnered with her long time crush, male model Dallas Martinez, she nearly loses her cool. But much to her surprise, it isn't Dallas that makes her heart race—it’s big-time photographer Julian Hawthorne. Everyone has a horror story about the man: he’s a tyrant and an ogre and a perfectionist. But a photo shoot with Julian Hawthorne could make a model’s career—unless the model completely screwed it up…

Julian was tired of models who wanted to impress him. They only needed him for one thing—their career. But Julian had needs of his own, and right now, he needed a miracle if he was going to save this photo shoot. The female model was clearly not fetish material, the male was shaking like a schoolboy at the thought of touching her, and the makeup artists had rouged the model’s bottom like a baboon. No one would believe the fantasy of this spanking scene, least of all Maude La Roma… until the model sat up and asked to be spanked…for real...

“Nice outfit. Really brings out the pink in your cheeks.”

Lines like that make this a smart little story. Jeanette is a sweet, sensible woman who isn’t afraid to go the distance for her career. When she finds out what she wants sexually, she goes for the gusto. She’s a character that is easy to like and identify with. She makes the story light and fun. Julian, the hero, is a Dom with a sensitive side. He’s a really likeable Dom character, masculine and in control but he’s not hard uber alpha. I found him refreshing.

As you might guess from the title, Corsets and Crimson Cheeks is a spanking story. And it is also a sexual discovery story for Jeanette. She finds pleasures in activities she never thought to engage in before. But it also has a believable, well-developed plot that goes deeper than just getting a heroine in the position to be spanked. There’s plenty of connection and conflict between Jeanette and Julian and it is all neatly tied into the sensual build up and erotic action.

The prose in the story is clear and easy to read with lots of snappy dialogue. Action is shown as if we were in the character’s head, watching it all unfold. The sex is hot and urgent as well as varied and the journey is emphasized heavily in this story, using plenty of sexual tension and teasing.

A light, sweet and sexy spanking story with a happy ending. This was a very enjoyable story, if you like spanking stories, check it out.

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