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Friday, July 1, 2011

Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Night by Sierra Cartwright, Cherise Sinclair, Belinda McBride

Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Night by Sierra Cartwright, Cherise Sinclair, Belinda McBride
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (251 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Fetish, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Clematis

A Good sub Would... by Sierra Cartwright

Shelby, a wanna-be sub, hasn’t found a Dom strong enough to push past her need to be in control. Her experiences as a sub have been yawn-inducing. She’s fantasized plenty, though, about Trevor Lawton, one of Dark Haven’s legendary, mouthwateringly firm Doms.

As the stakes get higher at the charity poker match, Dom Trevor Lawton is fascinated by the woman kneeling across the table from him. Problem is, she’s not a good sub. Oh, she tries, and she’s lovely. But she’s not very good at following orders. The woman needs a firm, unyielding hand...his.

Hunting Holly by Belinda McBride

When Holly left the Truckee pack, she left her family, her safety, and the two men she loved. Now she's in San Francisco training as a Domme at Dark Haven. She thinks she's found herself, but tonight, Tex and Hunter have found her. And they are not happy with their little wolf. She's been keeping secrets from them. Tonight, someone's gonna beg.

Welcome to the Dark Side by Cherise Sinclair

Real Doms terrify her, so Summer plays with lightweights only. And only in the safety of her club, Dark Haven. But on Western Night, the tough cop who wins her in a sub-roping game is as powerful as they come.

Virgil's first taste of BDSM was disturbingly enticing. Hoping to burn out his interest, he visits an infamous San Francisco club, where he wins himself the prettiest little sub he’s ever seen. He’s in a quandary. A man shouldn’t render a woman helpless, let alone spank her ass. But the nervous little submissive clearly loves being in his ropes. Her need to be controlled is as powerful as his need to control. So he indulges himself, and her.

That one night could be the beginning, but instead it's the end. She won't play outside the club and he lives too far to come play. He'll just have to find a way to forget her...or get her in his ropes to stay.

A Good Sub Would…By Sierra Cartwright

A most masterful, drop-dead-gorgeous and experienced Dom from Dark Haven, who’s a little jaded and in need of someone special to ‘shake up his world’, is about to have his most ardent desires fulfilled…

When Master Trevor wins the delectable, disobedient and ‘badly in need’ of proper training sub, with a winning hand of poker, he makes it his personal mission to educate Shelby. He’ll totally immerse her and show her exactly how a good sub should behave, push all the boundaries that have, until now, deemed her as one who merely dabbles in the lifestyle. They’ve only got a week, but much can happen in that time and the effect will leave them both changed and hungry for more, yet ambivalent of future possibilities together. In the meantime, both Master and sub are in for titillating, sublime ride to ecstasy!

Sierra Cartwright literally grabs a reader by the short and curly’s, unapologetically plunging one gasping and trembling, into the exotic and erotic world of BDSM. She’s a Goddess of the written word. A practiced virtuoso, able to arouse and beguile the attentions with ease.

Her characters, certainly wormed their way into my affections, delighting my imagination and keeping me right there with them on the edge, as they plunged recklessly into their adventure.

A sensual feast of erotic delights, that kept me glued to the pages! Hoping for the HEA, that invariably Ms. Cartwright delivers so well.

Fabulous work Ms Cartwright, I for one, am eagerly anticipating the next heady adventure!

Hunting Holly By Belinda McBride

When a runaway mate is discovered topping subs and exploring her inner Domme at Dark Haven, her Truckee beaus, Tex and Hunter, who’ve spent the last year searching for her, decide fair turnabout is essential.

And these two wolf-men are no playful pups and are only too happy, ready and willing to see the job done right. For tonight is far more than just a scene, cause when they get their hands on their sweet runaway Holly, she’ll be the one begging… for more.

Three hearts become one, with an explosive sexual tension ratcheted up to a new level of high; in a potent mix of red hot desire, erotic exploration and a fervent consummation and fulfillment.

Don’t ever let it be said that Ms. McBride is afraid to ‘mix it up,’ because this lady doesn’t know the meaning of the word coward. Fearless and Fabulous!! She shakes up the erotic romance genre, easily and with kick-ass style, tearing loose all the restraints and delving head-long into her world, where the paranormal, BDSM, ménage, the fantasy and fantastical, with real life heroes and a heroines meet to make ones heart soar.

Belinda McBride is gifted. She tells a love story with characters guaranteed to inflame the imagination and have pulse rates quickening. And I love that there’s always so much going on in the background in her stories: Vampires, other shifters, a mysterious child that just happened to materialize at Dark Haven, and always the constant threat from Abraxas, the mystery of the gene splicing, danger and kidnapping, murder and mayhem… I’m whining at the end, wishing it wasn’t over!

Ms. McBride is simply brilliant. Love this story! Bring on the next one please...

Welcome To The Dark Side by Cherise Sinclair

I so badly want to play with Cherise’s Doms…

Acknowledging his need to dominate a willing woman into submission is the reason why Virgil is at Dark Haven on Western Night. And a more perfect sub he couldn’t have wished for, when he first laid eyes on the luscious, Summer. After calf roping his little sub in, binding her firmly and carrying her off to leisurely enjoy his prize, he’s ready to push some mutual boundaries. Especially when she responds so sweetly to him…

But Summer had a bad experience the year before and she has definite Hard limits. Dark fears, that sometimes overwhelm her to the point where she’ll top from the bottom if she has to, just to stay in control, and only at Dark Haven, with others around to keep her safe.

Virgil might be new to being a Dom, but he’s no slouch. With a cop's cool instincts, a sure touch and a keen eye, he' quick to note what quickens her pulse rate and what gets her temperature rising. He’s aware of more than sex going on between them. But can he give her what she needs to move past her fears, and can she eventually let them go and accept whole-heartedly, all that he has to offer?

Cherise Sinclair is the hands-down Queen of BDSM tales in my book! They're always filled with the hottest BDSM scenes I could possibly imagine, unbridled heart-stopping passion and love, hurdles to conquer and life to get living; I don't think anyone does it better.

Virgil and Summer are just gorgeous. Characters I could ‘sink my teeth into,’ they seem so real! I found myself drawn in to their love story and felt for them on every step of their journey, as they struggled to figure it out and the way to move forward together. And even knowing they’ll get their HEA, it was no less thrilling for the telling. Engrossing and completely captivating from start to finish.

This story wrung me out, pulling me 'every which way' through the full gamut of emotions. I was however, left sated and limp as a cooked wet noodle on the floor… Wow, such a terrific story!

All three of these fabulous authors are “Masters of their craft.”

If like me, you like your erotic romance, ‘spiced-up’ with a little BDSM, then the stories in this anthology are ‘bound’ to please. And to think I actually thought they couldn’t get any better than they did with, Dom’s of Dark Haven Vol.1!

Filled with love, laughter, sensuous bliss and discovery. The stories here, reflect the very of best erotic romance, with a twist, has to offer. Divinely risqué, with all the drama, passion, joy and excitement we could hope for and always a HEA to die for!

Last but not least, thanks for the cameos Ladies! Loved the ‘peeps’ of our heroes and heroines, you wove into your tales from each others stories.

My thanks ladies. Enviable work, simply splendid!

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