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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Draconian Measures by J.C. Owens

Draconian Measures by J.C. Owens
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (160 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

The immortal Finnarians mate for life and once they find their mate, nothing on earth can make them leave them. But what about when that mate is not Finnarian at all, but a stubborn, fiery, extremely irritable Draconian? What if that Draconian wants nothing at all to do with his Finnarian mate? It seems the Finnarian prince, Sadan, is going to have his work cut out for him. Fortunately, he is just as stubborn and far more persistent than said Draconian has ever had to deal with.

Graitaan is the last remaining Draconian and he has attracted the eye of a Finnarian prince, who claims that he is his bloodmate. Sadan may want to be mated, but Graitaan has developed a passionate hatred for his Finnarian commander, prince or not. Too bad Finnarians are persistent as the hells. Especially this one.

Prince Sadan has found his match, but Graitaan doesn’t want to be mated, especially to Sadan. That little fact doesn’t slow Sadan down though, if anything it makes him more determined to make the prickly loner his mate. Convinced with time and a determined courting Graitaan will come around, Sadan pursues the other man with a single minded devotion. Yet Graitaan’s been hurt so many times he doesn’t dare believe in Sadan’s love and a painful choice may not give them the time they need.

Draconian Measures is a fitting prequel and third book to the Gaven series. In the Gaven books, Vlar and Gaven are mated and here Sadan, Vlar’s father, gets to show how he wooed his own difficult man. The plot is very reminiscent of classic romance novels with the wealthy prince trying to woo and win the poor, lonely orphan hurt by life. The two men repeat the classic yes/no pattern with Sadan determined and confident of the outcome while Graitaan is stubborn and determined to thwart happiness to spite Sadan. This creates a fun and whimsical tone to the story, lending a much lighter feel that the previous two angst ridden books.

The story does a decent job breathing life into these classic characters, even as they stay very much within their familiar lines. This isn’t necessarily bad though as such archetypes are classic for a reason and many readers enjoy and appreciate the recognizable tropes. The writing is easy with a pretty quick pace that makes the pages fly by with numerous sex scenes. One caveat is that there is very little dialogue. The story is told entirely to the reader through internal monologue and repetition so this may not appeal to all readers.

Fans of the series will want to know how these two got together as their courtship has been mentioned in both previous books. In many ways their story lives up to the gentle hype the series has given them and the humorous tone is a nice change from the darker two books. This gets slightly repetitive and stale the longer it goes on but overall remains entertaining and enjoyable. This is easy to recommend for fans of the series while those new to the author/series can pick this up as a standalone. Be warned though, Vlar is so utterly adorable you’ll be picking up the rest of the series too.

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