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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heated Restraints by Yvette Hines

Heated Restraints by Yvette Hines
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (53 pages)
Other: M/F, bdsm
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Dogwood

Brad "Thor" Zeller is getting out of the military and he's looking for a little peace and quiet.

When he becomes an officer in the county of Claremont a hellion named Liza Wright begins to disturb his peace of mind. She's sexy, sassy and a distraction that he can't resist.

One night at the bar turns heated when they find themselves in a game of pool that goes against all the rules and neither of them can walk away from. When a serious accident lays him up for weeks, he comes to discover that there's more to this princess than he first imagined.

As they grow closer, his world is tilted on its axle when he discovers that Liza's life is in danger. Once he rescues her, Thor realizes Liza has stolen his heart and there's nothing left for him to do, but apprehend her.

Here comes trouble, but trouble never looked so good!

Hunky Brad “Thor” Zeller, ex-Air Force turned deputy police, knows trouble when he sees it, and looking at the Major General Michael Wright’s gorgeous daughter, Liza Wright, jet around town in her little red convertible, Thor just knows she is Trouble with a capital T.

Liza is tired of being judged by her “upbringing!” She has just finished an all day study session at Florida State, preparing for her Master's graduation in Childhood counseling, so that she can work with troubled children in her hometown in Claremont County Florida. Liza loves her hometown but is feeling the stress of putting everything including dating on hold for so many years to concentrate on her studies.

Now at age 27, Liza is wondering if the time has come to concentrate somewhat on her non-existent love-life.

After several encounters with each other, Liza and Thor finally hook-up one night and WOW! The chemistry between these two lovebirds is highly combustible! Who knew?

Soon tragedy strikes in the middle of this love affair, when Thor is injured on the job. But Liza is there to help him mend. If that is not enough excitement for you, well hang on as our Liza gets kidnapped when she gets pulled into the case Thor is working on. Major suspense comes into play making this mystery a 'toe-curling” drama as well as a cute and sexy love story.

Yvette Hines did a great job of combining romance and suspense into one good short story. I found myself easily pulled into the characters anticipating there next move. The love scenes were very HOT and I could not help but read this story from beginning to end non-stop. This short-story could have been even better if it had been a bit longer platform so the readers could really experience the thrill of the action. I would have loved to have seen the back story of the drug runners more detailed, so we could grow to hate our villains. I would also have loved to see Liza’s kidnapping drawn out a bit more, giving the readers a chance to really fear for her life.

But as I have said before in my reviews, some of these short-stories would make excellent novels if the writer had so desired to elaborate.

I cannot fault the story for what it was though, a cute, short, love story with a mystery thrown in. I found no grammar or spelling errors, and the story flowed well, making me glad I picked this story to review. I will be keeping it as a favorite, and possibly reread it again in the future.

Do you like a little mystery and suspense thrown into your hot love story? Well this story is for you!

1 comment:

SASSE Yvette Hines said...

Awesome review... thank you. I hope you get to read the two follow-up stories so you can see how the "villians" continue to affect Claremont County. Not to mention follow up with Liza and Thor and meeting new characters (Heroes and Heroines).