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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot Inspiration by Abby Blake

Hot Inspiration by Abby Blake
A Bride For Eight Brothers Book 5
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (90 Pages)
Other: Ménage, F/MMMMMMMM, BDSM, Spanking, Anal Sex
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Foxglove

Mikayla and her husbands’ new contract is on a desert planet that already has a small, well-established colony, and Mikayla is eager to sample the local markets. Despite the beautiful landscape, varied wildlife and sensually inspiring heat, things don’t seem quite right. Polygamy is legal for both sexes, but it seems that only the men in this community have multiple partners. Determined to protect their wife, Mikayla’s husbands try to limit her exposure to the local culture.

However, Bryce needs his leg fixed, so Mikayla and Matt finally convince him to get the surgery done. But while waiting for his brother to wake up, Lachlan witnesses a vicious assault on a young woman and steps in to help. Unfortunately, his act of compassion leaves him a target for the more fanatical occupants of this planet.

Will protecting a stranger cost Mikayla and her husbands more than they’re willing to pay?

Abby Blake’s intriguing world, filled with unconventional families, strange creatures and hot hunks has continued to fascinate me.

No ice, no ‘mouse tears’, and no raiders appearing in the middle of the night. Mikayla and her husbands have accepted their latest contract on a reasonably civilized desert planet. But the husbands are worried, because Mikayla just isn’t herself, but no one can figure out just what it is that is ‘off’ about her. After an unusually intense session with Lachlan and Brock dominating her, Mikayla finally realizes that she barely recognizes the woman she has become, and starts on the road to recovering her personality.

Although polygamy is legal on this new planet, it seems it is only acceptable for the men to have more than one partner. When strange occurrences and missing women come to the attention of Mikayla and her husbands, the leaders of the fanatic religious sect on the planet set out to frame her men for murder. After rescuing a seventeen year old from her abusive husband, the husbands get the two women off the planet and back to Earth, hiding the young woman until protection can be arranged.

Can they keep Mikayla and the teen safe back on Earth? Can they turn the tables and expose the terrible things happening on the planet in the name of ‘religion’? And what will the reaction be to Mikayla’s surprise announcement?

Hot Inspiration is the latest in this serial story, and, like the first four, combines intrigue, danger and scorching hot sex in a way that keeps the reader on edge. Add to that the determination of eight men wanting to see their wife back to normal, and you have a layer of passion that reaches past any seen so far.

Mikayla is still recovering from the miscarriage, and is also afraid she is a disappointment to her men. She doesn’t realize how far she has withdrawn from them, until her two Doms, Lachlan and Brock, take her closer to the edge than they ever have. It is this intense experience that finally shows her how much her men love and need her, and finally starts her recovery to her old sassy and independent self. The passion of the session between the three was one of the most explosive and yet tender scenes in the story.

I love all of Mikayla’s husbands, but this peek into the emotions of Lachlan and Brock, the two strongest Dominants in the family shows a deeper layer of their concern for their wife. I liked that, even though they were harder on Mikayla than they had ever been, you could see that every step was breaking their hearts. They weren’t trying to hurt her, but they all, every single one of them, wanted the woman that they fell in love with back. If that took going to extremes, then they were determined to do what was necessary.

There were two secondary threads here-Bryce’s surgery to repair his injuries, and the rescue of the young girl, resulting in the exposure of the fanatical religious murders of the women on the desert planet. Both stories were part of the actions that ultimately brought Mikayla back to ‘fighting form’ and out of her shell for good. I enjoyed the way she was able to come up with the perfect protection for the vulnerable and innocent young woman, and the way she just kept expanding her family.

I am looking forward to the sixth, and final, episode of this serial, and the reaction to Mikayla’s amazing pronouncement at the end of this one. What was that, you ask? I guess you’ll need to read these books to find out. But beware, this series is highly addictive, and scorching hot.

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