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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Molten by Kira Stone

Molten by Kira Stone
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (65 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Convicted of fraud and condemned to serve as an indentured miner on a backwater way station, intergalactic translator Dolan knows more about Molten, the liquid metal that fuels the Parkeet station, than most. So when he's ordered to mate with a being that on first contact looks like a pool of the stuff he's been mining, he's less than enthusiastic. But his alternative is death.

Xzavia'n has been searching the universe for Molten embryos that were lost when their solar system underwent a catastrophic event. His hunt leads him to Parkeet Station, where he plans to negotiate -- or just plain steal -- his babies back.

From Xzavia'n, Dolan learns more about Molten with each passing moment. Dolan's first priority is to keep his newfound information from the station researchers. The second is to help Xzavia'n get his embryos off the station and back to the new Molten homeworld. But once Xzavia'n's escape is secured, Dolan must choose -- return to the only life he's ever known, or follow his heart -- and Xzavia'n...

This book blew me away with its novel and intriguing look at relationships between humanoid and alien. The concept is really cool and very erotic. Ms. Stone sure has a vivid imagination!

The main hero is Dolan Exeter. He’s on this prison planet working his life away without hope or opportunity to escape. One day he is taken to meet this alien thing and told to ‘procreate’. That’s a tall order for a man and a … giant blob of something. And that’s the start of a beautiful, convoluted and amazing relationship. What a marvelous plot and conflict this book has. Dolan is not human, but he’s humanoid. He is adventurous, pragmatic and not afraid to do what has to be done to survive. What he never expected was to have feelings for something he didn’t fully understand. That growth of emotion and the tender sentiments he feels made this story stand out. When he admits to himself how much Zian means to him is when the action picks up, both in activity and feelings.

Zian isn’t anything like I’ve experienced before. I am astounded at the unique qualities Ms. Stone has imbued her alien with. Zian is smart, cunning and loyal – good qualities for a hero. He’s also on a mission to save his race. What a noble and worthwhile conflict. As for calling him yummy, I can’t. I’m not even sure if I can describe what he is. The closest thing I can think of is that liquid silver bad guy in the Terminator movies. Zian is very flexible which makes for interesting reading.

The best part about this whole book is Dolan teaching Zian the difference between sex and love. Zian doesn’t understand the concept of love initially but that all changes by the end of the tale. The things that stood out for me were the various ways Ms. Stone had Zian and Dolan making love. The descriptions were unique, well thought out and well written. It was extremely erotic and sensual and the idea that between the two, they could possibly have little moltens was enchanting. The idea of Dolan being a daddy was adorable.

The conflict was rather solid but the bad guys were sort of...mysterious. That’s one thing I noticed – Ms. Stone really didn’t give the rat faced guy much of a well-rounded badness. Perhaps that was on purpose because she chose to focus on the romance and I certainly can’t fault that. But I’m used to seeing a bit more substance to the villain in most books. I didn’t fear him as much as be disgusted and annoyed by him.

I also noticed how the author started off the story with a tone of despair, of resignation and acceptance to a substandard way of life. As the plot moved forward, hope and anticipation filtered through culminating in determination, hope, and joy. It was a wonderful journey and I had a ball watching Zian and Dolan fall in love.

Molten is not your every day hum-drum romance. This tale has imagination and kept me fascinated throughout the whole book. I loved Ms. Stone’s mind – it’s so creative and fresh. The editing was terrific, the dialogue was entertaining and interesting and the world building effective. Science Fiction romance readers are in for a real treat when they get their hands on Molten. It’s a breath of fresh air.

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