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Monday, July 11, 2011

Naughty Nick by Amber Skyze

Naughty Nick by Amber Skyze
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Genre: Contemporary, holiday
Length: Short Story (45 pages)
Other: M/F, toys, spankings, light bondage, anal play
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Dogwood

Nick has fought his attraction to Emily since the summer. Work and other commitments have kept him from pursuing a relationship. Christmas is upon them and Nick finds he has free time on his hands. He devices a little plan to get her sexy body prepared for what he hopes will be a night of passion she’ll never forget.

Someone is sending Emily erotic toys. The naughty notes attached are charging her dormant body to life with promises of red hot sex. She’s not sure who her secret Santa is, but if he’s truly following the Twelve Days of Christmas she’s about to find out.

Will Emily succumb to this Naughty St. Nick?

“Oh Jolly Ole St. Nick, what are you bringing me this year?....”

How about anonymous gifts of erotic toys? That's what Emily is finding on her doorstep this holiday season in Naughty Nick. Now just to find the perfect playmate to try your new toys with. If only her new playmate could be the sex-god named Nick who lives in 6-A. According to Emily, he is fantasy material! Emily has no family, so she figures she will be alone this holiday if her secret Santa does not make himself known. But in the meantime what would it hurt to try out a couple of the toys and fantasize about Nick?

After receiving several more naughty toys, Emily finally decides it is time to confront her fantasy guy and see if perhaps he might be her gift-giver. When she knocks on Nicks door, he is excited that she figured out who was her secret Santa because he's been wanting to play with Emily for a long time now. From there the story goes into the many ways to use these naughty toys on the one you have been dying to be with. What a way to spend the holidays.

I enjoyed this Christmas fantasy, and Amber Skze did a good job of heating up the pages in Naughty St. Nick Though I felt that the story could have elaborated more on why the characters were attracted to each other in the first place, I can honestly say this book did not lack on the sex scenarios.

It may be the middle of winter in this story, but this reader had to fan herself just to cool down a bit after reading these sizzling scenes. As with all short stories I pouted a bit because the story was not longer, but this tale definitely makes a gal wish to find her very own Naughty St. Nick!

So...why not settle in with a hot little tale that may just leave you feeling as though some fantasies might come true after-all. Who knows? There could be a “Naughty Nick” in your future too! Wonder what toys he might leave me?

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Amber Skyze said...

Thanks for your kind words Dogwood. I'm glad you enjoyed Naughty St. Nick! :)