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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sarah’s Lion by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Sarah’s Lion by Lizzie Lynn Lee
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (42 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Myrtle

Wildlife photographer Sarah Whitaker has an obsession with lions. When she hears there’s a dangerous, elusive, majestic, man-eating pride living in the heart of the Serengeti, she wastes no time in tracking them down. Funny thing, when she finally finds them, one particular lion seems to love posing for her camera.

Keto Rarh is amused when he finds out he has a stalker. Usually, he loves toying with humans, chasing and scaring the hell out of them. But this generously-curved black beauty makes him ache in all the bad places. She has a pretty smile, too. Exotic face. And ample flesh he can’t wait to get his hands on to. Maybe it was time for him to settle down with a mate.

Sarah’s too busy paparazzing the noble creature to realize the rules of the game have suddenly changed and that the stalker has become the stalked...

“You have a fan” is the opening statement to a delightful albeit short story. I'd read the excerpt and wanted it. Because I am so crazy about reading series in order I had to purchase book one before I started this one. I'm glad I did. Though this book might work as a stand alone, it is much richer after having read the other.

Sarah Whitaker is one woman who will leave the reader laughing and admiring her guts in times of danger. I loved it when she said to Keto: “I could really use something stiff right now.” and then ... “a drink that is. Pervert.” after a near death experience Keto Rarh and the lion pride saved her from nearly dying. Keto is a cat to keep an eye on throughout the story. He is like a hurricane when he steps into Sarah’s cabin after seeing her taking pictures of him in his lion form on the Serengeti. Talk about a man that can sweep a girl off her feet! Keto is all male and purring cat, albeit a big cat.

I spent so much time laughing at the characters and their antics. However, I need to add that if I came face to face with a lion I would not cream my panties as Sarah did. Wet them, maybe! But that is one of the exciting things about reading paranormal romance right?

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a short but good shifter book with a cute and entertaining plot. I will never look at a big cat on the internet without remembering a few of the details from this book.

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