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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To Tame A Wild Mustang by J. Rose Allister

To Tame A Wild Mustang by J. Rose Allister
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (233 pages)
Other: M/M/F, Ménage, anal play/intercourse
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Kate is hardly an average gal in the old west. She dresses in men's trousers, speaks Hupa Indian, and pursues animal medicine—a male vocation. Why should it surprise her to find herself in a shocking, unconventional relationship with two drop-dead-sexy cowboys?

William is trying to save his failing ranch by taming wild mustangs with native Indian methods to keep things running while he rebuilds his cattle herd. Jack is the muscled ranch hand who has stuck by William through thick and thin—and stirs something inside of William that he’s never felt for a man. Does Kate, the wild beauty who has lassoed their hearts, have room in hers for them both? And can their love survive a lynch mob determined to see Kate and William hung for a crime they didn't commit?

Taming wild mustangs by moonlight seems like child’s play next to falling in love, building your ranch and escaping the hangman’s noose.

William Tyler will have to fight for the right to love the woman as well as the man who has captured his heart. The old West could be a harsh place to live but it became significantly harder when a cattle rustler makes trouble for Will, Kate and Jack. Both Will and Kate already have townsfolk looking at them with doubt and suspicion, for separate reasons. They’ll have to trust in one another as well as their mutual love for Jack if they want to prove their innocence.

Author J. Rose Allister has penned a terrific story of love, sacrifice and trust. Her characters inspire sympathy in the reader for their individual stories as well as cheer for their collective HEA. It’s easy to see that Ms. Allister has a love for the historical old west era. The characters dialogue, dress and mannerism are consistent to the time period and keep the reader engaged in the story.

William and Kate’s love for one another feels very genuine for the story and while I did enjoy the M/M interaction as well as Jack’s character, his part in this triad relationship wasn’t quite as believable. The story would have been just as nice if he had simply been the ranch hand that never loses faith in his employer. Jack has obviously had M/M experiences prior to joining in with Will and Kate. How easily William is willing to go all the way, when M/M was likely more taboo than it is today, was almost too easy. Having said that, Ms. Allister writes the scenes very well and they are HOT! I also appreciated that neither William nor Kate were willing to have physical interaction without Jack present.

If you love a good historical with some exciting action, a bit of mystery and a terrific love story, pick up a copy of To Tame a Wild Mustang. This was time well spent and I’ll be watching to see what Ms. Allister has for us next!

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