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Monday, July 25, 2011

Who Better Than Canyon by D.C. Juris

Who Better Than Canyon by D.C. Juris
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (58 ogs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Coreopsis

When Canyon’s ex-lover, Robert, dies, he leaves behind a last request that Canyon take word of his passing to Simon, an old friend on the east coast. Canyon reluctantly agrees, and soon finds himself falling for Simon, despite the nagging belief he shouldn’t. Canyon is plagued by guilt over his part in the accident that claimed Robert’s life. But Simon knows something Canyon doesn’t: Robert’s death wasn’t an accident, but a suicide, and Robert’s intent was for the two men he left behind to come together. But Robert’s plan didn’t account for two things: Simon’s disbelief that anyone can truly love a soon-to-be-cripple, and Canyon’s staunch decision that the next man he gives himself to will give him a wedding ring first. Can Canyon and Simon set aside their own issues long enough to see what lies between them, or will they both miss out on their happily ever after?

When someone dies, the survivors are left to pick up the pieces and move on. What makes this story gripping is that Robert, before he died, had everything planned out from his finances to what he wants to happen with his young lover, Canyon.

Unbeknownst to Canyon, Robert had everything planned to the T and sends him off to inform his longtime friend and ex-lover Simon of his passing. Robert's hope was that maybe just maybe Simon and Canyon could find happiness together.

Canyon is a very likeable character. He still believes in love and what he wants more than anything is to get married one day. I absolutely fell in love with this character. He shows time after time how big his heart is with his actions and the way he thinks. He wants more than a good time and doesn’t let his body's urges make decisions he’s not ready to accept. Canyon is waiting for the knight on the white horse to come and find him and he thinks he may have found that in Simon.

Simon has been friends with Robert since childhood, so when Canyon shows up on his door step with a letter written by Robert he knows it is important. In a short note Robert explains to Simon what he has done and what he hopes develops between Simon and Canyon. Simon gets put in the middle of what his dead friend's wants and what he feels he should do to help relieve Canyon’s guilt.

Canyon and Simon are very different men and this causes rifts between them. A lot of bickering goes on between these two men. It’s a case of walking on egg shells and still coming to grips with Robert’s death for Canyon. Simon is dealing with his own set of health issues and fearing that the man he is coming to love won’t stick it out with him for the long haul.

The only thing that really could have enhanced this book was if it were longer. This story seems to be rushed; with a little more time these characters really could have developed more.

The characters in this story never come together sexually and I found that refreshing. In most books the main characters are jumping into bed way too soon, but in this book we get to see Simon and Canyon learn to know each other without using explicit sex scenes to tell their love story.

Who Better Than Canyon touched my heart and I felt fortunate to get to read and review it. I would recommend this book to anyone one who is needing a pick me up. This book does deal with death but also what happens when you find a love worth sticking around for. A very good uplifting read.

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DC Juris said...

Thank you very much!! I'm so glad you liked it!! :-)