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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Wilder Brother by Suz deMello

The Wilder Brother by Suz deMello
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (158 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

For Colton Wilder, the invitation to his brother’s wedding is an invitation to trouble because Colt, having had sex with the bride, knows what she’s really like. He doesn’t want his brother Max marrying selfish, manipulative Nicole Newcombe, a famous supermodel. In his view, Nicole stole the groom from her sister Dana.

For staid scientist Dana Newcombe, the invitation to her identical twin’s wedding is an invitation to humiliation. While Nicole was conniving to steal Max, Dana had wild monkey sex in a glass-walled elevator with his brother Colt.

When they meet again at the wedding, she doesn’t want to want Colt, but she can’t help remembering and re-enacting their earlier sexy tryst in oh so many different ways.

Do opposites really attract or do they just repel each other enough that eventually they will find their way back to each other? What happens when opposite twins meet and fall for other opposite twins? The universe may never recover. Get out a score card and hang on because here we go!!

Dana Newcombe is an intelligent, successful woman who happens to be the twin sister of world famous model Nicole Newcombe. When Nicole asks Dana to switch places as a little test to see if Max Wilder is really the man for her to marry, Dana agrees. During their standard date of movies and popcorn, Max miserably fails his test. In the meantime, in walks rancher Colt Wilder, Max’s lookalike brother to try and rekindle a past spark that was interrupted between Dana and himself in an elevator.

As fate would have it, Max and Nicole find in each other what has been missing in all their relationships and Colt and Dana try very hard to ignore what is happening between them. What follows are parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding frenzy, intimate moments in the swimming pool, not to mention a train crash.

Dana and Colt are the ideal romantic couple fighting it all the way to the bedroom. Their moments together are comfortable and sizzling, sexy and romantic, heartwarming and heart-achy all at the same time.

Max and Nicole’s relationship takes some time to understand because of the opposite personalities. But that is what works to pull them together. Nicole is difficult to like in the beginning with her selfishness and scheming which is in direct opposition to Max’s caring, comforting personality. For me, Max was the one person you actually wanted to see successful. For a while you hope he will see the error of his ways but in the end you root for their happily ever after.

The pairing of Dana and Colt is just too good to ignore. Sometimes they are their own worst enemy and may cause their own undoing, but all the time there is that light of love in both their eyes. Colts relentlessness and Dana’s moment of stubbornness keep you turning the pages.

Suz deMello manages to keep the names straight and the action going throughout the book while making sure you choose your favorites and root them on. The balancing act is preserved throughout the story and there is never any confusion to what is what and who is who. Like I said grab a score card, keep track and enjoy a few hours with twins, hot men, steamy sex and lots of good fun.

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