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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All That Glitters by Wendi Darlin

All That Glitters by Wendi Darlin
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (100 pages)
Other: M/F, Multiple Partners, menage, m/f/m
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by: Honeysuckle

Former Vegas showgirl Dahlia Burke can’t get out of Texas fast enough. She’s winding her way through rural Wilder, Texas when she plows into Tanner and Scooter’s work truck. Dead broke and stranded, will Dahlia find more than one reason to stay--or two more reasons to leave?

Tanner Dawson barely escaped with his life when Dahlia plowed into his truck. And once he and his best friend, Scooter, take her under wing, he’s not sure if she’s planning to love him to death or finish him off.

Scooter Austin can’t tolerate gold diggers. When he finds out Dahlia is newly divorced from a man who has a revolving door of trophy wives, Scooter’s ready to send her out of Wilder with the toe of his boot.

How will these cowboys know if Dahlia has a heart of gold or just an eye for all that glitters?

Larry Gatlin was right on target when he sang “Everything that glitters is not gold”. It takes loving and nearly losing for Scooter Austin to be reminded of that simple life lesson.

When Dahlia Burke literally ran into Tanner Dawson she wasn’t expecting the incident to change her life. Her growth from a woman who’s had her self-confidence beaten to a pulp to one who has the strength to walk away from the men she loves is a heart melting journey right back to their HEA. Hold onto your hats because the sexy cowboys in Wilder, Texas are the real deal! Tanner and his best friend Scooter simply ooze all the best characteristics of yummy cowboy heroes.

If you’ve read Ms. Darlin before, this story is all that you would expect. She has a very talented writing voice for drawing the reader right into the story with vivid descriptions, smooth transitions, layered plots and best of all a wonderful romance. It isn’t hard to see why Dahlia is attracted to both Tanner and Scooter. They have charm, masculine beauty as well as a tangible sense of honor.

Speaking of tangible, there are only a couple of scenes in this novella where Dahlia and one the men make with the hot and heavy but WOW! If I had seen steam coming off my e-reader I wouldn’t have been a bit surprised. I’m convinced that Tanner is one of the more orally fixated characters that I’ve read in a while. He isn’t a bit conceited about his talent…he’s convinced and rightly so!

This may be considered a short story but it lacks in nothing except I want to visit Wilder, Texas more often and for longer stays. If you’ve read Ms. Darlin’s short story, Back for More, in the Tasty Treats Vol 2 book you’ll recognize a few familiar faces. It was nice to catch up with Alana, Rayne and Dirk and see that they are still just as firmly in love as when we last visited Wilder.

Have you got an hour or so to kill and a hankering for some juicy cowboy loving? If you answered yes, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Wendi Darlin’s All That Glitters. You’ll love the sassy spunk of Dahlia and be instantly won over by the men that fall in love with her. Their story has cemented Ms. Darlin as an automatic buy for this reviewer and I think you’ll find it was time well spent.

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