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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Before He Cheats by Kim Dare

Before He Cheats by Kim Dare
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (117 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by: Coreopsis

Rupert’s society friends can call it an open relationship if they want. Leon still calls it cheating—and he’s going to make sure it never happens again.

Leon knows he and Rupert come from completely different worlds, but it never occurred to him that Rupert would consider their relationship to be open unless otherwise stated.

He might not have the money, the experience or the social standing of Rupert’s usual lovers, but Leon’s still determined to fight for what he wants. And what he wants is to make sure he’s exclusive with Rupert before his lover’s “old friend” comes to visit next weekend.

Can he convince a man like Rupert to give up everyone else in favour of one inexperienced graduate student? Can he convince Rupert to make a commitment to him before he cheats? Leon doesn’t know—but he sure as hell is going to try!

Before He Cheats had an interesting take on the relationship between a submissive and his master. For me this made the characters more believable. The uncertainty Leon experienced really had me intrigued about how he would deal with the knowledge that his lover had a taste for a kink he never even dreamed of.

Leon is a young shy man. He has been dating Rupert, an older man, for the past six months. The relationship is going well until an ex-lover of Rupert’s puts doubt into his head. I found it odd that even though he was na├»ve and inexperienced, Leon didn’t ask his lover what was missing in their sex life sooner. In Leon’s inner dialogue with himself he always seemed too skittish to confront his boyfriend.

Rupert is Leon’s first boyfriend and he really likes the younger man. He doesn’t want to scare him away with his sexually need for dominance. I really like Rupert. He’s an experienced man, he knows what he likes, yet he doesn’t force his needs upon his younger lover. Rupert lets Leon set the pace for what they do and don’t do.

Leon takes baby steps into the world of BDSM with Rupert. The obvious master and submissive roles are apparent. But what is different is that Rupert doesn’t force his ways onto Leon. He allows Leon to come to grips with this new lifestyle. Leon is witty and funny and Rupert doesn’t try to shut out the lively personality of the younger man.

At times during this story dragged. There was a lot of self-doubt on Leon’s part that just became repetitive. Leon claimed to not want the BDSM life style but his inner thoughts suggested otherwise and it seemed he was just fighting himself for what he so obviously wanted.

I really liked how in this love match there was no pressure to be something you’re not. Rupert’s love was sweet and caring. The way he let Leon take charge on what they did and didn’t do was nice. This is a story where the main characters had to overcome a lot of inner struggles to have more understanding for one another and it was a good read.

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