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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dragon Chef Pixified by Cynnara Tregarth

Dragon Chef Pixified by Cynnara Tregarth
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (51 Pages)
Other: M/F, Ménage, M/F/M/M, M/M, Anal Sex/Play
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Foxglove

Pierce the Dragon finally has the kitchen of his dreams to help with his catering business. As he breaks it in, making his signature pesto dish, in comes the peskiest pixie around, Selena. Doesn't matter that she's there to get Pierce catering a pixie event she doesn't want to be at. He doesn't want to be disturbed. So it's going to take all her skills to seduce the dragon of her dreams to do her bidding -- even if it's the last fun thing she'll ever have. Who knows? Perhaps Pierce will find that sometimes pesky pixies pack a punch just like his pesto does.

Cynnara Tregarth has written a delightfully hot story, filled with political intrigue and hidden agendas in the magical lands of the Pixies and other magic folk.

Selena needs to convince Pierce to cater a party for her mother, Queen of the Pixies. It’s a party she doesn’t want to be at, as it means the end of her freedom. Pierce is the best chef in the realm, and his dragon is ready to settle down. But he wants Selena, and she may not feel the same about him.

When things go a bit crazy at the party, Selena and Pierce discover they have more going for them than they thought, and the elf Selena’s mother has chosen for her reveals that he actually already has one mate he loves. Prince Elvus has been with Ferrus for five years, and married to him for two of those years. There is more than meets the eye to the Elven King’s desire to see the Elves and Pixies form this union. Can Pierce and Selena uncover the truth behind this union? Will they find another way to satisfy everyone’s goals, without losing each other?

The characters are well developed and fun, and the passions of all flow freely. I love the world Ms Tregarth has created here and would like to visit again to meet more of her inhabitants.

Selena has always been more than just another silly Pixie. She is smart, determined and very independent. She has seen the damage her mother the Queen has done with her extravagances, and wants to help all of her people. I liked that she never told Pierce that she was the Princess, wanting to be able to be herself around him. I enjoyed watching as she realized just what her favorite Dragon chef meant to her.

Pierce has gotten used to Selena and her pesky ways, and he has decided that it is time he took a stand. He is strong, handsome and determined that Selena will be his, no matter what he has to do. I liked watching as he set things in motion to make everything turn out for the best for everyone. I also liked that he was willing to admit his feelings and desires in front of everyone, even before Selena admitted anything.

Prince Elvus and his mate Ferrus are both very strong characters, but are both willing to sacrifice their love to get what they see as their rightful land. I enjoyed seeing Selena prove to them that they could have what they desired without having to give each other up or marry for anything other than love.

The political wrangling between the Queen and the Elven King was easily handled, and the eventual solution was perfect for all concerned. There is one very public claiming ceremony between Selena and Pierce, and between Elvus and Ferrus, and that scene heats up the story to a new level of hot. This is a terrific short story for a warm summer evening.

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