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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dragon Down Under by Angela Castle

Dragon Down Under by Angela Castle
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (149 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Forced Seduction, Spanking
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Accused of a crime he did not commit, dragon shifter Kaden, has been exiled to the human realm. His only chance for survival is to find a remote, warm dry place to live, as both man and dragon.

Deeply in debt, Terrie Holbrook has no choice but to sell her family’s remote cattle station in the far North of Australia, and a mysterious buyer saves the property from falling into the hands of a mining company. The overwhelming attraction between them has Terrie on the run and one large blue dragon on the chase. Things take a violent turn when the mining company owner comes after what lies beneath their land.

They discover an ancient puzzle, dating back to time of gods and men.

When Terrie is threatened, Kaden must do whatever it takes to save his one true mate—and the world—from the hands of a mad man.

Reading about a dragon stripped of his powers was a wild ride once he met his opinionated human mate. She didn’t make it easy but he made it fun and I had a terrific time reading Dragon Down Under.

There were a lot of plot levels going on in this story. There’s the bad guy who truly will stop at nothing to get what he wanted. And then there was the fact that Kaden, the hero, was framed and now has to adjust to living in a new world. Of course the heroine, Terrie, is a one hundred percent 21st Century woman who doesn’t like the word ‘obey’ yet finds that falling in love makes her want to, much to her chagrin and my delight. There are aboriginal myths and magical mayhem to further intrigue readers as well as a delightful romance that flourishes between Kaden and Terrie. The erotic nature of their physical relationship was done quite well and might give readers hot flashes.

I liked the dialogue too. Kaden’s speech is reminiscent of where he came from so he has that other worldly touch and it made the paranormal aspect more believable. I liked Terrie’s independence and hard working demeanor. She tried to resist Kaden’s appeal but there were things at work she didn’t have knowledge of. When she learned about them, I liked the fact Ms. Castle didn’t have the heroine freak out beyond the slack-jawed response. Her character wasn’t squeamish or girly and the author stayed true to that.

I adored Kaden’s forceful personality. I got a kick out of his dragon’s “Mine Mine” attitude. It’s so alpha and sexy. His previous job made him a master of decision, action and protectiveness which rubbed against Terrie’s independent streak. The results of their clashes were entertaining and well written. I had a lot of fun watching the sparks fly.

I had absolutely no problem whatsoever with Kaden’s sexual appetites. I thought the scenes were great and I enjoyed every one. I will note however, that one scene in particular might be too much for even progressive erotic romance readers. I actually found it quite…stimulating and naughty but not objectionable. How should I put this? Kaden has a talented tongue and does amazing things with it in his man form his dragon form. The fact that he is one hundred percent himself at all times and knows exactly what he’s doing, and Terrie equally knows it and accepts it because it’s Kaden, made it work for me. This is a fantasy and I see no reason why this scene can’t be accepted, but for those that need to know, I’ve provided the alert.

The villain of the piece is a puzzle. He’s definitely power hungry, callous, cruel and vain but something happens that has me curious. Is he or isn’t he? That is the question only a sequel can answer.

Ms. Castle has successfully hooked me on her world building. There is richness here, with more than just dragons. Even the Loch Ness Monster gets a bow and I laughed at what the author chose to say. I liked her idea a lot better than the reality. And that’s what I mean; the author has something up her sleeve regarding the bad guy and it sounds like it’s going to be unique and interesting. Her interpretation of what goes on in real life and imbuing it with paranormal elements truly fascinates me. Although I never got a sense of just how dastardly the villain was or got clarity on his true motives and goals, the author left me in no doubt he was a devious bad apple.

The happily ever after was like a fairy tale ending. Kaden and Terrie get more than they bargained for, their friends find unexpected happiness and getting spanked isn’t such a bad thing after all. All in all, a fun time is eventually had by all, including the reader.

Dragon Down Under is thorough entertainment with intense and sensual heat sure to please fans of erotic romance. I enjoyed the push/pull of Kaden’s and Terrie’s growing relationship as the hero learned what it meant to be a man on a cattle station. At the same time, he had to figure out modern dating practices much to his consternation and my giggles. Once he figured it out, his gestures and overtures were as romantic as I could wish. I liked the pace of the plot, the dynamic of Kaden and Terrie’s relationship and the commitment each had for the other.

Ms. Castle has written a fun, engrossing and fascinating tale that kept my interest riveted from beginning to end. If a reader is looking for a good quality way to spend some free time, they can’t go wrong with Dragon Down Under.

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Angela Castle said...

What a great review thank you, and for your infomation, you can get more indepth to the bad guys if you read... Dangerous Moonlight by Angela Castle.. another full throttle sexy ride!