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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drawing Diego by Alyssa Turner

Drawing Diego by Alyssa Turner
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (20 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Myrtle

Everything they need is right next door...

Lydia has a crush on her neighbor, and though she’s not the type to make the first move, she manages to find the courage to knock on his door. Her timing couldn’t be better. Diego needs her more than she could have imagined.

Diego’s muse has left him, has fled along with his ex and his baby daughter. Unable to draw, he’s let his life go by, barely noticing the inspiration just next door. When Lydia comes knocking, he may find more than just his lost muse...

The pleasure of reading a short story is great when you want a little something to read ten or fifteen minutes before bed time or something fast and hot to share with your lover. Drawing Diego was a really short tale, though I did not realize it until after I got it.

When I first started reading I thought a few of the sentences sounded a little funny grammar wise, but I soon realized that Diego was Spanish and his English was a little spotty at times which was kind of cute and added a new dimension and flavor to the plot. Lydia, the heroine, was from India and came across as being a sweet and upbeat neighbor. The place where she lived had thin walls so she knew pretty much what went on next door. She was also a smart cookie, knew what she wanted, and was not shy about going after it.

The author had a great idea and did really well in pulling off a nice entertaining tale, but I thought this story could have been dynamite with just a few more details.

For anyone who would like to read a sample of this author’s work for a taste test, this story is a nice start. I think it has just enough devilish excitement between the pages to give you a feel for the author’s writing style, and see a little of her imagination through the written word.

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