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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Encounters: Blood Play by Lex Valentine

Encounters: Blood Play by Lex Valentine
Publisher: Pink Petal books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (29 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Vampire Aiden Swann has a tough job, infiltrate Paris’s most notorious BDSM club Perdition. While he’s all Alpha, Aiden’s no Dom, yet he finds his time in Perdition no hardship due to a mysterious female vampire. Cadence O’Connor intrigues him and makes him hard as stone. He knows there’s no reason that a pure blood vampire like him couldn’t play with a mixed blood vampire like her, but Cade disagrees. She’s got a chip on her shoulder about her heritage and refuses to see Aiden as a sexual partner. All Aiden needs to do is convince Cade that she’s no abomination and that everything she is, is everything he wants.

Most of us have had that feeling of not belonging. Cade knows she does not belong. She is half vampire and half demon, a combination that should not exist. Since her birth, she has endured the hatred of other vampires because of her demon heritage. Yet when she sees Aiden she cannot help but lust after the pure blood vampire. Knowing that she can never have him she distances herself from him but Aiden has other plans and those plans include loving Cade.

Having met Aiden in a previous book I knew what a good man he was and enjoyed seeing him in this book. Cade, on the other hand, was new to me. She is such a strong woman to have dealt with being an outcast all her life and still find it possible to love someone. I loved seeing Aiden and Cade find each other. The lust that they share grows into love quickly but Cade still thinks she is unworthy.

Even though this is a small taste into Aiden and Cade’s world it is still an emotional and sexy read. I enjoyed watching Cade and Aiden’s feelings unravel. Each of them loves the other but the world that they live in will not let them be happy. Aiden’s fight for love was a wonderful thing to see and it had me hoping that Cade would grab that lifeline and hang on tight. The love that these two share burns up the pages and had me glued to my seat, turning the pages to find out what more Cade and Aiden would do.

I enjoyed this fast paced story and eagerly await my next visit to the Darkworld. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Aiden and Cade.

1 comment:

Lex Valentine said...

Thank you for the wonderful review! Cade and Aiden will be back in book 7 Fire Storm and in book 7.5 Quintessence, which is their own story.