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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mikayla’s Family by Abby Blake

Mikayla’s Family by Abby Blake
A Bride for Eight Brothers Book Six
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (85 Pages)
Other: Ménage, F/MMMMMMMM, BDSM, Spanking, Anal Sex
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Foxglove

Mikayla and her men are relaxed and trying to start their family. The farm on Earth is proving to be a challenge they all enjoy, but their idyllic existence is interrupted by a threat from Mikayla’s past.

Jet Killarney has been released from prison pending a retrial on his involvement in human trafficking, and the suspicious loss of Mikayla and Tracey’s recorded testimonies has everyone on edge. Expecting that Jet’s next move will be to attack Mikayla and Tracey, their husbands move both families into the research station, now parked behind the farm house.

But as the waiting grows longer and the threat seems nonexistent, can Mikayla’s husbands distract her enough to keep them all safe and happy?

This is the final installment in the serial adventures of Mikayla and her eight husbands. I have enjoyed each one, but wanted to see how Ms. Blake would tie all of the various threads together for this one.

Mikayla and her men are settling in to their new life back on Earth, getting used to the farming life and trying to start their family. Things are finally getting back to normal... well as normal as it can be for a woman with eight handsome and sexy husbands.

When Mikayla’s best friend Tracey comes to visit, she is delighted, until she senses this isn’t strictly a social call. It seems trouble still looms for Mikayla and for Tracey: the man they testified against, the one who tried to sell them into slavery, has been released, and is determined to eliminate the only two witnesses against him. Throw in a letter from Peter’s former fiancée, and Mikayla’s attempts to get pregnant, and the tension goes sky high. What other dangers lay in store for the Davidson family before they get their happy ever after?

I enjoyed seeing everyone working together to make this relationship work, and was delighted that we get a look into the future with this one.

As always, Mikayla is spirited and sassy, enjoying each of her husbands’ attentions in their quest to start their family. She is determined to be as independent as someone with eight strong men around her can be, but when the danger arrives, she also understands that her men need to protect her. I liked that she understood and was able to rein in her streak of defiance for a while.

As always, Mikayla’s men are up to the challenge, and they also have help, as all three of Tracey’s men are there as well. I liked catching up with everyone, from Tracey’s pregnancy news, to the surprise news from their old nemesis Jessie, Peter’s former fiancée. There are more than a few surprises here, and one very dangerous scene that threatens everyone’s happiness, but Ms Blake was very ingenious in how she tied this up.

I enjoyed catching up with everyone, and enjoyed the creativity Mikayla’s husbands used to make sure that no one knew just who the father of the children would be. In my opinion, this is the hottest of the six books, and it provides a satisfying finale to the adventures of Mikayla and her eight husbands. I recommend this series to anyone who likes hot action, mixed with romance and a touch of danger. But be sure you read them in order, as they are not stand-alone stories.

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