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Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Hot Australian Night by Liia Ann White

One Hot Australian Night by Liia Ann White
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (32 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Moonflower

When it comes to love, Zalia is a cynic. After her last boyfriend cheated on and dumped her on Valentine’s Day; who can blame her? But after three years of her friend’s pestering, she’s decided to get back in the dating game. She agrees to contact the reputable dating agency 1NightStand with the understanding that if it doesn’t work, it’s a sign she’s destined to be single.

After a month of no luck, Madame Evangeline finds what she believes is Zalia’s perfect match.

Xavier is a hot successful lawyer. Two years after his wife’s sudden death he wants to find love again, but doesn’t know how.

When they finally meet will sparks fly or will it be a failed attempt at happiness?

Instant attraction, steamy chemistry, and an exclusive online dating service make for a spicy treat in One Hot Australian Night, the twentieth addition to the 1 Night Stand series.

Two lonely people are brought together for a single night of passion. One is doing it to get her best friend to leave her alone about dating and the other is ready to move on after a tragedy in his life. Neither one expected the sparks to fly right from the beginning. How can two people who have been hurt so badly in the past, move on and claim their future?

Bookstore owner Zalia has only been with two men in her life and both men have cheated on her. After her last dismal breakup on Valentine’s Day, three years ago, she has determined that men can’t be trusted and that she is just fine with her current life. Now, if she could just get her best friend Kara to leave her alone, things would be perfect.

Corporate lawyer during the day, heartbroken widower at night, Xavier is lost on how to move on from the tragic loss of his wife two years ago. Unable to stay at their home, he sells the house they once shared. Now that the last piece of their past together is behind him, it is time to move forward. One night stands are a foreign concept to him. He has never slept with a woman unless he totally cared about them first. After a little too much alcohol and a gentle push from his brother and business associate, Jackson Castillo, Xavier decides to fill out the online application and let Madame Eve set him up with a one night lover.

Ms. White has written a sensual quick read. I think since the story is so short, I was unable to feel a strong connection between Zalia and Xavier. It was apparent on the pages, but I didn’t feel it inside. Even considering the lack of connection, the story was a great read. Zalia is a beautiful plus sized woman. Xavier was immediately drawn to her; it was so sweet and endearing. Their passion was steamy and intense. Ms. White did a nice little twist at the end, with a misunderstanding and resolution. She put a great big grin on my face.

Do you have an extra hour or so today? Then you have plenty of time read this book. Put your feet up, relax and escape into another hot and steamy 1 Night Stand.

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