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Friday, August 19, 2011

Past Destinies by Constance Ruth Clark

Past Destinies by Constance Ruth Clark
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (164 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Amaryllis

One spurned lover, one pissed off horse, and one goddess bent on happy endings.

Elizabeth isn’t interested in anything male unless it's her stallion, Black. Unfortunately men don’t feel the same about her and she has so much unwanted male attention she disguises herself as one in order to escape it. But one man sees right through her disguise and surprises her with a toe-curling kiss to prove it. Surely he is just like all the others……isn’t he?

Doug isn’t sure why he woke up in 1868, but one thing he can’t deny is the attraction he feels for the spirited blonde he rescued. Until he knows for sure if he’ll return to the future one thing is certain – he needs to keep her out of his thoughts ….. and his bed.

Past Destinies is a time travel romance with a little mythology thrown in for good measure. Modern day Douglas Coleman is sweet beta hero, a doctor who plays a doctor on TV. He’s fed up with his life and his girlfriend. Elizabeth is a tomboyish, horse mad young woman living on her uncle’s horse breeding farm in 1868. Once they meet they have nice sexual and romantic tension. Their coming together is sweet and sexy at the same time.

Elizabeth is introduced in a scene where she is assisting horses with mating. So Elizabeth has been established as a no-nonsense, hard working young woman. She loves horses and loves her uncle, doesn’t get along with her aunt. She isn’t interested in men or marriage. She likes to wear boy’s jeans.

At the story’s opening, Doug is dating a stereotypical bad-tempered, arrogant, materialistic, plastic, blonde Hollywood bombshell. Personally, it was hard for me to understand why Doug was with this girl to begin with. They are on a date and he’s nitpicking her in his mind and I am unable to keep from thinking: “Why are you still with her then? She is what she is but you have the choice to be with her. Either accept her or move on.” It made me a bit leery of his judgement in general and made it a little hard to relate to him at first. Okay, honestly, he irritated me in his first scenes. Doug is much easier to like and relate to once he is sent back into the past. He becomes helpful and thoughtful and has a nice sense of humor. He’s very sweet to the heroine and very tolerant of all the changes he has to go through to make it in the past. He’s a different man. Maybe more men should be sent to the past…

There is a fair amount of passive narrative in this story, which at times slows things. But enough of the story is spent deeply in character perspective that the pace stays bearable. The historical feel is good and strong. The sex itself is more like hot mainstream than erotic romance and leavened with plenty of emotion and a dash of humor. There isn’t a lot of sex in this story nor is the sex that is there very long page-wise.

Past Destinies is a sweet time travel romance with lots of romantic and sexual tension and a good historical feel. It’s not so much centered on actual sexual contact. If you like tomboyish heroines, horses and history and time travel, mythology and good-looking TV doctors, don’t miss this one.

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