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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shelter Me by Michelle Cary

Shelter Me by Michelle Cary
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemp
Length: Short Story (107 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, anal sex, voyeurism, menage
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Stephantois

As head of the Werner Dairy Farm empire, Teagan Werner has no time for nonsense in his life and even less time for love. When a sexy sable-haired vixen shows up demanding he sell some of his land to her non-profit organization, he's both incensed and intrigued by her display of strength and determination. Quickly it becomes apparent that ignoring his attraction to her won't work, but does he really know enough about the woman to trust her with his heart?

A former victim of domestic abuse, Kyrie Hart has seen her share of hardship and she's determined to give others the same opportunity for escape she had. Leery of men but stern in her convictions, she wants not only the property Teagan Werner owns, but the handsome millionaire too. When her resolve to help abused women collides with her need to follow her heart, Kyrie is forced to choose between her cause and her love. Her decision isn't easy and in the end might very well prove to be the biggest mistake of her life.

Teagan Werner shares a house with his twin brother, Talon and Talon’s new bride, Abby. The three of them have enjoyed many a ménage but Teagan knows that is coming to an end now that Talon and Abby are husband and wife. Will he find a love of his own?

I enjoyed the setting of this story. The author did a wonderful job describing it and giving us a sense of place and what Teagan does for a living. He comes across as very likable but then in walks Kyrie Hart who wants to buy the property adjacent to his ranch. When he refuses, your sympathy switches over to her especially when you learn she wants it so she can build a spa/sanctuary for battered women. You get a sense that these two are very attracted to one another but that this is the very thing that will keep them apart. And neither seem to budge on what they want.

Kyrie just so happens to walk into a store owned by Abby and gets invited to stay at the ranch. I thought this a little contrived but from this point on the story flows so nicely that you begin to overlook it.

I thought the dialogue between Kyrie and Teagan was very realistic sounding. You can feel the tension building between them as the story progresses. The author did a top notch job making us wait until half way through the story for them to finally make love…although there is a hot ménage scene with Teagan, Talon and Abby prior to this.

Secondary characters like Talon and Abby are well developed but don’t appear too much to actually takeover the story. It’s fast paced and there are some nice twists to Kyrie’s story. One is that she’s a battered woman herself, the second I won’t give away.

The ending surprised me as it contained one of the hottest scenes of the story. If you’re looking for a little of everything, nice romance, ménage, unique setting, this is one you probably will enjoy.

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