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Monday, August 1, 2011

Walking Sin by Lynn LaFleur

Walking Sin by Lynn LaFleur
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (160 pages)
Other: M/F, anal play
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Carnation

Dax Coleman has it all—money in the bank, a job he loves, and an address book filled with the names of women who only want a good time. He’s never had a problem charming a woman into his bed. He meets his match when Kelcey Ewing comes to Lanville. A former roommate of his brothers’ girlfriends, Kelcey is as serious as Dax is carefree. He considers it his personal goal to loosen up Kelcey so she has fun, preferably in his bed.

An unforgettable incident in her life has left Kelcey wary and unable to have a normal relationship with a man. She decides she’s destined to be alone, until Dax’s lovemaking wakes up her senses.

Kelcey’s unwilling to risk a broken heart with a man she considers walking sin. It’s up to Dax to prove to Kelcey his love for her is real and will last the rest of his life.

Is it possible for Dax to remove the pain and trauma that sweet, sexy, innocent Kelsey carries with her from a wrecked childhood? Can he remove the mental block of terror and fear that prevents her from finding love and pleasure with a man, or will it add up to one more agonizing failure, proving to Kelsey that she will spend her life alone?

Kelsey Ewing is turned on by the gorgeous, hot Coleman brother, one of three triplets who own a construction company in their small home town of Lanville. She is there on an extended stay to help her two best friends with their bread and breakfast and restaurant ventures. Those women are girlfriends of the other two Coleman triplets. The men are working on the bed and breakfast and will soon be building the restaurant.

Dax is a sexy, charming playboy who enjoys his bachelor lifestyle and sees no reason to ever change it. He isn't prepared for the level of intense attraction that he feels when he meets Kelsey. When they are drawn together by a simmering sexual heat, it seems that all is going scorchingly well, especially the kisses and touching from Dax. That is, until he moves his body over hers on the bed where they lay. Kelsey immediately goes into a terrified hysteria, screaming for him to 'get off of her', and running to the corner of the room, where she hides in a sobbing crouch.

I loved this story. It is an emotional journey from dark, deep psychic injury into trust and love for the main characters. Gently and generously nurturing each other, both Dax and Kelsey grow and emerge to become strong, giving people newly aware of life-changing truths about themselves. Those truths set them free to love and be loved.

This book gripped my emotions and moved me to tears several times. It is a beautiful, sensitively told story blossoming with charismatic, endearing characters that takes the reader to a higher level of personal inspiration. I've said before that Ms. LaFleur knows how to subtly inform her readers of the ways to experience what is true and of worth in life. That is ever more true in this sensitive, suspenseful and absorbing romance.

I was captivated by Kelsey's courage and her development of strength and security. Dax's open-hearted, creative and sexy nature is irresistible. His gentle patience is heart melting. Ms. LaFleur creates heroes who truly know how to love women or are sincerely willing to learn! I love that the main plot is about the relationships, themselves; however there is an edgy subplot that builds throughout the story and adds to its complexity, ending in a surprising twist.

I love Ms. LaFleur's refreshing dialog and her articulate erotic descriptions. This was one of the hottest of sensual, naturally emerging love affairs I've had the joy to read. The chemistry between Kelsey and Dax comes together to create a kind of unusual, captivating sexual dynamic that is magnetic to the reader.

I have nothing but good things to say about, Walking Sin, and recommend it to everyone. It is the third in the series, Men With Tools. I've enjoyed this series very much and know you will, too. All I have to say is, '...please, Ms. LaFleur, more Men With Tools!' It's a winner!

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