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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Week in the Snow by Gwen Masters

A Week in the Snow by Gwen Masters
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (198 pages)
Other: M/F, toys, bdsm, spanking, masturbation
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewer: Amaryllis

Two strangers in the middle of nowhere, trapped by a blizzard, learn that a week in the snow can be scorching hot.

Rebecca is from hot, sunny Miami. When she drives up north in her little convertible to meet a man she met over the Internet, she doesn’t anticipate the Iowa snowstorms. It’s her first time driving in snow and it doesn’t end well – Rebecca winds up on the side of the road with little gas, no cell phone signal and snow drifts piling higher by the minute.

The roaring black snowmobile that comes along is carrying Richard, a man who lives a few miles down the road and just happens to see the flashy red paint of Rebecca’s stranded car through the haze of snow. Stuck at Richard’s house for almost a week, Rebecca feels trapped by circumstance. But soon she stops lamenting her position and instead starts to wonder about Richard’s bedroom down the hall, about the reasons he lives alone in the middle of nowhere, and whether she really wants to leave at all.

This is a hot, sexy story. Rebecca is a woman of strong emotions and passion. Richard is sweet and helpful and adaptable and at first appears to be just what she’s been needing.

When the story opens, Rebecca has been seeing Gene and the sex is great but something’s missing. In a moment of disappointment and crisis he behaves with verbal abuse. In walks sweet-natured beta hero Richard who rescues Rebecca from the cold and heats her up in more ways than one. He’s like the perfect modern day knight and so eager to help. Their coming together is hot, sexy, sweet and amazing.

Richard holds back a powerful secret from Rebecca that makes him somewhat less likable and sweet than he was before this is revealed. Yes, sure they were having a fling but it’s an important piece of information for a bed partner to know, no matter how long you intend to see them, and Rebecca was not just a drunken hook up from a bar, she was living in his house. They were becoming friends and anything could happen between them if they got sexual with each other. He had no idea of her expectations. But I firmly feel he ought to have told her before and I'm not entirely sold on his reasons for waiting.

For three years, he hasn’t taken action on this aspect of his life and he could have. It’s hard to understand why he wouldn’t. Ms. Master’s justification for his failure to act didn’t convince me. If this happened in a historical or vintage novel, I could have easily accepted the reasons given. But in a contemporary, it makes him seem weaker as a hero. He can’t even stand up to his own parents, how will he ever stand up for the heroine or be strong enough to be a parent himself? And Richard is not in his youth. He’s over thirty-five.

Personally, if I was Rebecca, I’d have run at this point no matter how hot the sex was, no matter how sweet he was. So followin this, it was hard for me to relate well to either character. It was the motivation that failed for me.

But I admit I did thoroughly enjoy their sexual scenes, both before and after. Ms. Masters is really gifted in writing the erotic scenes. And I must say that the sex is hot with Richard. He’s sensitive and skilled and sensual. The sex is written in complete graphic detail, making the reader feel as if they are experiencing it moment by moment with the characters. Then again, what sex there was with Gene was pretty smoking as well. It did make it a little hard to switch gears when I found out that Gene was not the hero and that I’d have to bond with Richard from that point onwards.

I had very mixed feelings about this story. The most mixed feelings I have had about any book I have reviewed. It is cozy to think of being secluded alone in the snow and having mind-blowing sex with a sweet, hot guy and Ms. Masters certainly delivers on the erotic scenes. Smoking hot! Sensual and emotional. Overall, she writes wonderful dialogue and action. Nice, clear prose. I definitely would read any future works by Ms. Masters if only for the heat and emotion of her love scenes.

Truthfully, I am glad I picked A Week In The Snow for review and read it even if I was a little taken aback by some of the character’s actions. Others may not be adversely affected by character motivation. Simply put: read as a romance, there’s something a little undeveloped here. Read as a sexy snowbound fantasy this is one firecracker of a story.

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