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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wolf Hunt by Marie Treanor

Wolf Hunt by Marie Treanor
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (238 pgs)
Other: M/F, Sex toys
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Myrtle

Who's hunting whom?

A man wakes up naked and alone in a city doorway -- with no memory of how he got there or who he is. For journalist Rose Winter, a wolf story begins to converge with the sexy naked man she's trying to help. And a chain of events is set in motion that may change Earth's future...

Human-wolf hybrids, created by a top secret government project, have been released into the world to find and destroy alien infiltrators. But once these soldiers begin to think for themselves, their missions are complicated by attraction, sex and divided loyalties.

When I came face to face with wolfs, aliens, and an android, I found myself on one wild ride into a world that included DNA tampering, government cover ups, and alien invasion. Wow! I walked into a high action conspiracy that left me spellbound and in love with the heroes and heroines from this book.

Wolf Hunt 1: Urban Wolf

Fishing for a story, Rose Winter soon finds one when she comes across a stark naked man with all “his tackle on show for anyone who cared to look.” Defending the Earth can go haywire if the government has their hand in it. Jon Mayhand, major of Earth Force, and Rose, (alien known as a Gardenian) soon find themselves in love, and stuck in the middle of interplanetary politics.

Both characters will win you over as you watch them fall in love and work together to understand what the government has done and how to stop them. The legend of how werewolves were created and their reason for being takes on a whole new aspect as you watch Ms. Treanor’s electrifying tale unfold.

Wolf Hunt 2: Forest Wolf

Aliens and werewolves have something in common, and that is government interference, and their overreaction to things they do not understand.

Linnet Lewis is in season and remembers nothing about her own identity; only that she is on the hunt for something her wolf does not like and wants to kill. When she comes face to face with Louis, an android who is more human than machine, she knows he is not a walking vibrator but she can’t help but want him.

As the story unfolded I fell hard for Louis and his magnetic personality. Like Linnet, it was not hard to over look that he was made up of wires and circuit boards. The laughter began when I read the sentence-- “Shit, I’ve been rejected by a robot” which made me feel bad for Linnet and her over stimulated hormones.

One of the biggest things I enjoyed after reading the second story in this book was that it was off the beaten path from the everyday werewolf story which made it unique. I like the unknown and unpredictable twist from the standard werewolf theory.

Holiday Howlz: Cry for the Moon

Cry for the Moon was a short interruption to the government cover up and alien invasion. As one of the military men used in the DNA tampering finds his way home to his wife Ruth on Christmas night; it made me form a stronger bond to all the characters I have met so far. Short it was, but it caused me to fall deeper in love with the storyline leaving me wanting more and wondering how it would all end.

Wolf Hunt 3: Galactic Wolf

Cereza, a senator of Gardenian has been sent to invade earth. She is captured by a Pirate who has no memories of life before waking up on a space ship two months prior. The only thing he knows is he hates Gardenians with a passion, until his path crosses with Cereza. After they spend time together, Yuri and Cereza has no desire to carry out their assigned mission. Can a Pirate and a Politician save Earth?

Truths are revealed, Earth wolves are freed, and alien invasion all comes to a head in the last story of the collection, Galactic Wolf. Each story could be read as a stand-alone and still be enjoyable. However, it was nice to have a book where they were all together as a group, and Wolf Hunt is now a wonderful addition to my growing eBook library.

I am looking forward to seeing what else Ms. Treanor has out and maybe picking up a few more of her stories.

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