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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Worth Dying For by Luxie Ryder

Worth Dying For by Luxie Ryder
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (209 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

Is a vampire's love worth dying for?

Malachi Bane had been condemned to live forever without the woman he would love until the day he died. He waits out eternity in isolation, on a small island in the Maine Archipelago. When a visiting couple threatens his peaceful existence, Bane prepares to kill them if he has to, in order to defend his home and protect his privacy. Instead, he is compelled to save the life of the woman he has become strangely fascinated with, not realising the consequences of his actions at first.

Amber Kirkwood isn't impressed by Bane's macho attitude and has no idea how she got embroiled in the mess her life has become. Her rescue from the island and subsequent arrest for her colleague David's unexplained death, sets off a chain of events she has no control over and no desire to be a part of. On top of that, she is then kidnapped by Bane and held hostage so he can protect her from Katerina, the vengeful female who created him and has never forgiven him for leaving her.

When the physical and emotional bonds begin to grow between the unlikely couple, Bane longs to 'change' Amber, in order to save her life and keep her with him forever. But she fears for her immortal soul and, with so much at stake, Amber can't be sure that what she feels for Bane truly is worth dying for.

In choosing a book to spend my time on I usually research a little about the book and the author. Very rarely does the cover or the blurb on the back influence my decision. Paranormal stories are not my favorites and I do tend to shy away from them. I also look for something that is not the same old, same old. I am precise and have a certain criteria.

Never having read a Luxie Ryder novel I knew this was going to be an interesting exploration into the mind of what is, to me, a new author. I researched her history and discovered her erotic novels and her ability to bring to life such wonderful private and intimate moments. Then I saw a blog, read the excerpt and made my decision that I would give this story a chance. I was prepared for a trip down erotic lane and though I knew what to expect. Wow was I wrong! This took a turn that I never expected. And what a great way to get lost!

Malachi Bane is a killer and a predator…he is a vampire. His isolated existence has been penetrated by outsiders. Amber Kirkwood and her companion are on Bane’s island to conduct research. What they are really doing is disrupting the tranquility of Bane’s existence. Amber carries with her the cloud of her husband’s suicide and the unending desire of her unwanted companion.

Bane’s attempt to rid himself of his unwanted visitors backfires and his presence becomes known to both of them. Does introduce himself or rid himself of them permanently? Amber's desertion by her companion strikes a sympathetic note in Bane's heart and her very presence alerts all his other desires. After some time together on his island, the ruling power of the vampire community summons Bane to return or risk causing the death of his beloved Amber. Bane's return to the spoiled Katerina is the only thing that will save Amber's life but it will also sentence Bane to a lifetime of hell.

Bane is the ultimate anti-hero. He is a killer but he is lover and a tortured soul. Amber is the perfect companion in her understanding and her true desire and love for a man who is no longer a true human. Amber’s decisions throughout the story only cement her feelings for Bane. You root for her and you pray for him. Her selflessness and devotion is the engine that drives this story. This is not the typical erotic novel but so much more with a story line that keeps you intrigued until the very last page.

Luxie Ryder did an amazing job linking the realities of life with the unrealities of the vampire would. This novel is a sharp left turn for her and she did it with style and expertise. It is always a great time discovering an author and adding them to the list of your favorites. The story, the romance, the danger are all mixed together and make this a wonderful way to spend some time!!

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Luxie Ryder said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful review - and for taking the time to familiarise yourself with me and my work before hand. I adore this story and I am always thrilled when a reviewer or reader enjoys my labour of love!

Thank you again.