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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Conner’s Wolf by Jory Strong

Conner’s Wolf by Jory Strong
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (99 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Clematis

Homicide detective Conner Stern doesn’t know what Khemirra Reis is running from, only that he’s damn determined to find out. Right after he lays her bare beneath him and works the beautiful obsession out of his system.

Sexual satisfaction first, revealing her secrets second—that’s the plan—except Khemirra is battling a fascination of her own. Her rational mind says stay far, far away from the gorgeous cop who doesn’t want anything to do with the supernatural. But after Conner catches up to her and shows her with heated kisses and carnal demands just how perfect they can be together, the wolf part of her nature is convinced he’s the right mate.

Conner wants her trust. She needs his help. But Khemirra doesn’t know which of her secrets Conner will hate more—that she killed a man, or that she’s a werewolf. Unless love overrides all else, they’ll lose any chance of a future together.

Until reading Conner’s Wolf I hadn’t read or made a point of looking for the others in Jory Strong's Supernatural Bonds series, until now that is…

You can bet your bottom dollar that I not only looked for the others after finishing this story, but downloaded them to my Kindle, to enjoy at my leisure.

What’s not to like? This is one fast moving, action packed story, that titillates from the start and got HOT so fast, that it left me breathless and riveted to the unfolding drama, right to the very end. Take gorgeous alpha Homicide Detective, Conner Stern who is using his personal time, when he should be kicking back at his parent's cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, to track down a woman who has quickly become his obsession. He’s called in every favor ever owed to help him track her down, yet he’s unsure… Confused by whether or not it’s only about his concern for her safety, his need to shield and protect her from harm. Or discovering whatever it is, that has her on the run in the first place and why.

Or whether it’s just lust. More about the undeniable need he has to claim her. To take her in every conceivable way his body and mind has dreamt of, from the very first time he saw her.

Khemirra Reis is the exotic beauty, that her cop is obsessing over…

Not only is she beautiful and intelligent, she’s a reporter and was lucky enough to be granted an interview with a reclusive, multiple times bestselling author.

But life is not all it seems in Khemirras world. She is a werewolf, able to shift into her wolf form within moments, something the reclusive author seeks to prove, as he has his own agenda, the power, influence and the determination to follow through. Regardless of who gets in his way.

Khemirra wants a mate, someone she and her wolf will be happy to be bonded to for life, but the only one who fits the bill so far, is the human cop, Conner Stern.

Together they may have a chance, to not only see their way through the deadly intent of those who mean them harm, but to form something more meaningful and binding between them… If they can get over their own fears and doubts first.

Highly recommended, I loved this story for the wonderfully sensuous and erotic way Ms. Strong wrote it and her brilliance for keeping the plot fresh, alive and dramatic from start to finish!

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