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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Exile’s Longing by Rebecca Airies

Exile’s Longing by Rebecca Airies
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (215 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Voyeurism
Rating: 3 Cherries
Reviewed by Dahlia

Bianca Bryant is back in Louisiana seeking help to destroy the Beast hunting her, but it’s the last place she wants to be. Immediate attraction bursts into flame the moment she meets gorgeous twin alphas Matt and Max, but discovering they’re her mates is horrifying. Hot sex with them is one thing—a future is another. She’s not sure she can trust men in power, much less the sons of the man who sent her into exile.

Matt and Max Vargus are thrilled to find their mate, but the wariness in her eyes confuses them. Resisting the fierce urge to claim her immediately, they seduce her slowly, showing her that she’s found a home, family and men to stand by her side. But danger still stalks Bianca and they’ll have to fight to protect her.

Life couldn’t get much more complicated than the day Bianca came face-to-face with the sons of the former Alphas from her former clan. Having to stand there and possibly go through major rejection again in her life was not high on her priority list. Not with such contenders like an evil Beast coming after her or a couple of psychos looking to score off her freakish abilities. Besides the day she was turned out of the clan was the day she wouldn’t look back if only curiosity of the family that was left behind hadn’t gotten to her.

Now being faced with the new Alphas and possible legacy and belief keepers of their fathers’ work, Bianca’s guard is raised so high she didn’t see what Matt and Max actually were to her. If Matt and Max have anything to say about it though, they’ll make sure she’s fully aware of who they are and what they can provide… a clan, protection, family, and most importantly mates. Old fears are hard to get rid of when there’s so much at stake and trust is not easily earned, but as the three begin working on those concerns, they will first have to do battle against foe and instinct.

This is my first story by Ms. Airies and I thought it was enjoyable. Bianca’s back-story is horrific and I appreciated how Ms. Airies highlights her character’s strength with how Bianca overcame even while she still has hard-earned insecurities. Although Bianca understands the fact that Matt and Max are her “biological mates”, she doesn’t automatically give in to the desire to sleep with them. Instead, she wants to get to know them, the clan, and the remaining members of her family. Dominant alphas Matt and Max take on a more patient approach throughout the story to claiming her as well.

Unfortunately, I struggled through the long expanse of pages without much dialogue and repetitious explanation of the Beast and psychos who are after Bianca. There was also a bit of an imbalance in relation to the story and relationship development. By the end of the story, I didn’t feel as far along with this clan of shifters as I would have expected nor did I feel that Ms. Airies took full advantage of the depth that could have been derived from the plot and world that was created.

However, the chemistry between Bianca, Matt, and Max was most definitely there and Ms. Airies took a slightly different approach to this ménage relationship. As mentioned in the ‘reader advisory’ portion of the synopsis, Ms. Airies allows the reader to engage through Bianca with Matt and Max separately as well as voyeuristically and once all together. Other than appearance, the differences between the twins are not major, so it helps make the picture clearer to have approached them separately throughout the story. I am also very intrigued by the secondary character of Alana and the predicament she's in with a couple of wizards. If there were to be a follow-up to this story, I wouldn’t mind reading more about her as well.

Readers who are hot paranormal romance fans should absolutely read this story for the chance to read more about tiger shifters as well as for the erotic content.

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