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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Intimate Friends by Claire Matthews

Intimate Friends by Claire Matthews
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (47 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Amaryllis

What happens when friendship turns into love?

Emma Whitten and Noah Jordan are high school teachers and best friends. Emma is about to leave for graduate school in England, wanting to assert her independence after a nasty break-up with her longtime boyfriend.

Noah, a math nerd, has been in love with Emma for quite some time, but keeps his feelings hidden, believing that she sees him as just a buddy. But after an afternoon of friendship slips into an evening of passion, Emma begins to see geeky Noah in a new light, and Noah begins to believe that they can be more than just friends.

Will Emma choose to move to England as planned, or acknowledge her growing feelings for Noah and find the will to stay?

Intimate Friends is a story of friends who are secretly crushing on each other but lack the assertiveness to approach the other. When one of them finds that assertiveness, the fireworks begin.

Emma is a serious minded schoolteacher who dreams of studying Chaucer in England. She’s crushing on Noah whose “dorky good looks charm her.” Well, right there the story wins my love because I like non-standard situations. I also like when an author writes a good beta hero. Noah is definitely that! He’s sensitive and bookish but strong when he needs to be. In addition to being a beta-best-friend type, he’s also sort of an absent-minded professor type, in the most charming way possible.

But love for these two is blossoming just as Emily is poised to make a change of life decision that she has been dreaming of forever and their love seems doomed. Still they cannot resist consummating their fierce desires for each other. The sex was hot and just what one would expect from an erotic romance. There was plenty of emotion and angst as the story progresses. Lots of creative vanilla naughtiness between them.

There are no external baddies who make trouble for the couple. All their conflict comes from their conflicting desires. This is wonderful character driven romance. Ms. Matthews does a great job of showing their developing love and how they come to solve their differences and find their way to a happy ending.

For anyone who ever had a secret crush on their math teacher, for anyone who ever wondered what happens when nerdy but attractive two schoolteachers get together, Ms. Matthews delivers the scoop. For those who like their sweet and sexy mixed together in just the right measure, don’t miss this one.

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