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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make You Sweat by Pia Veleno

Make You Sweat by Pia Veleno
Publisher: Loose Id Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (163 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Coreopsis

Ready for change, Tyler Pierce has the whole summer ahead of him when he flies to Sand Piper Beach to turn over a new leaf. Sun, swimming, exercise, he'll return home a new man, sexy and buff. Best of all, several states away from home and college, no one but his dad knows him, so he can muddle through the challenges of getting fit without friends laughing at him.

During his first visit to the fitness center, Tyler meets the sculpted and toned Cody Dawson, fitness instructor and sexy gay man. Not only does Cody help Tyler learn how to use the strength training equipment, but he crashes through Tyler's fantasies and lures him into bed.

Just a passing fling, Tyler decides. Cody, after all, could get any number of better looking men without even trying. Besides, the summer doesn't last forever and, too soon, Tyler will return to campus leaving Cody to the ex who wants him back. A summer fling can grow into something more, but it's up to Tyler to recognize if it's true love or just heated summer lust.

This is a book you shouldn’t judge by its cover, meaning the cover for Make You Sweat looks kind of like something you might see on the front of a comic book. This is a book I’m glad I didn’t pass up.

A touching sweet story of young love lay within the pages and had me falling in love with the story and the characters. Tyler Pierce is a college student who has come to spend the summer with his estranged father. He has high hopes of filling out his scrawny thin frame and becoming what he thinks other men find attractive. Tyler is a good guy but his lack of self-confidence has him questioning everything and everyone. He’s a character that most people could identify with and this author did a good job writing about a person’s insecurities that hold them back in life.

Cody Dawson lives in the apartment above Tyler and he takes a quick liking to the newcomer. Cody is dealing with his own issues; a jealous ex-boyfriend that won’t take a hint and trying to find his way through accomplishing his own career aspirations. This is a character who wants to be in a relationship. He believes in love and wants all that goes along with being in love. Cody’s big heart and desire to forgive really endeared him to me.

Tyler and Cody meet in the gym and Cody takes it upon himself to show Tyler the ins and outs of weight training. Besides being extremely attractive he’s also a trainer, so Tyler feels he’s hit his own personal lottery. Tyler is jaded and thinks that a man like Cody would never be interested in him. Within in just a few pages Cody shows Tyler how wrong he is.

A relationship begins but Tyler is only there for the summer so the constant doubts mixed with the inevitable is what stirs the main conflict in this story. Tyler’s constant insecurities about his body put a drain on this relationship but Cody is there to show Tyler he has so much to offer to another person, mainly to Cody.

There are a few conflicts in this story that keep it moving along, carrying the reader page to page. There’s Tyler’s low self-esteem, Cody’s ex-boyfriend trying to win him back, and Tyler still being in the closet regarding his sexual orientation where his family is concerned. This story doesn’t lack in the drama department and is written in a very realistic way that makes it believable.

I was really happy with the resolution of this story but it left me wanting more. These were two characters I became invested in and wanted to see where life takes them. Young love is always a fresh and sweet thing to read about and this story delivered. If you’re a reader who likes to read about the joys and struggles with meeting that first love, this is the story for you.

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