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Friday, September 2, 2011

Maya’s Triple Dare by Heather Rainier

Maya’s Triple Dare by Heather Rainier
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (335 pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M/M, Ménage, Anal play/intercourse, Toys, BDSM, spanking
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by: Honeysuckle

Kendall has adored Maya from afar for years, but he is done being her “go-to guy.” He’s always been her confidant and her husband’s best friend. Now widowed, Maya is through with living life in half-measures and regrets never asking both men for what she wanted.

A posthumous letter reveals Maya's husband knew she loved Kendall and challenges her to follow her heart. During a visit to Kendall and his brothers' ranch in Divine, Maya finds that her heart still longs for a ménage. Attraction blooms between Maya and his brothers: intuitive, dominant Boone and quiet, somber Richard.

Maya is determined to not repeat the mistakes of the past, even if it costs her the censure of the Divine Community. Does she dare to build a life with all three handsome cowboys? Can Kendall, Boone and Richard protect her when danger from her hometown knocks on their door?

Hallelujah! Finally, a book that tears down the rollar coaster of mental contortionist and lets the characters just be honest with each other! Take a deep breath and get ready to enjoy that bit of fresh air from talented author Heather Rainier.

Trust, honesty, communication…when you read as much as I do you begin to wonder if those are foreign words to some writers. If there’s a formula that works for a marriage, even a plural marriage, it’s obvious Ms. Rainier knows the right elements. In Maya’s Triple Dare our heroes and heroine seem to all understand that relationships take effort and understanding from everyone involved. Jealousy among Maya and the brothers isn’t an option, it's poison.

Without giving too much away, two of the characters in this story deal with the grief of loss. The reader doesn’t have to go through the loss with them but the writing is so real, you can’t help but know there was true love lost. Never despair though; this is a romance story through and through. If lightning can strike twice (or more) anywhere, that place is Divine Creek.

While you won’t have to deal with emotional ping-pong from our heroine (This is what I want. I shouldn’t want this. I can do this. I can’t do this.), do be prepared to run the gambit of personal emotions. Thanks to some amazingly poignant moments in the beginning of the story you will tear up…count on it! Ms. Rainier also writes some seriously funny dialogue that will have you laughing out loud (literally) so keep that in mind if you are reading in a public place. People may stare! There are also the sweet “Awww” moments, the wipe your brow sexy moments and just when you think you’ve felt it all, you belatedly realize that the villain is truly evil and very determined!

A friend recently wrote on her Facebook page: “What” and “If" are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: What if? In Maya’s Triple Dare both Maya and Kendall dare to answer this question head on and not let “What if?” rule their lives. The results will keep you glued to your e-reader until the last breathtaking moment plays out. By the way, if you love “toys” this book is going to thrill your senses! Ms. Rainier makes use of some devices that were new to me (wax use, violet wand…) as well as perverting some household items in the most delicious way.

I had the pleasure of reviewing the first book Ms. Rainier had published, Divine Grace, which coincidentally was the first in the Divine Creek series. That first book was good but I just knew her writing was going to get better and better with each book. Boy! Was I spot on! If you follow Ms. Rainier on the social networks you can see her fresh, positive, bubbly personality come through in her writing. Her characters are easy to relate to, cheer for and live on in the ever expanding and vivid world of Divine Creek.

If this is your first trip to Divine Creek get ready for a fantastic adventure. You won’t have to have read the other books to enjoy Maya, Kendall, Boone and Richard’s story but you’ll soon realize that there are several reoccurring characters who’s stories have already been told as well as others waiting in the wings. Do yourself a favor and become a part of this unconventional community steeped in true love and happily ever afters!

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Heather Rainier said...

Honeysuckle I am truly slayed by your incredibly kind words. As a writer, I hope I convey the depth of the emotions and the complexity of the story and characters without relying on the tried and true... predictable and overused. I want each story to be fresh and surprising for the reader. Your kind review made my day. Thank you so much. --Heather