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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slade by Laurann Dohner

Slade by Laurann Dohner
Book 2 New Species series
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (211 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Clematis

Dr. Trisha Norbit is flat on her back in a hospital bed, pinned under a really big New Species male. Though drugged out of his mind, he promises her ecstasy and is determined to deliver—but hospital staff intervenes. 215 is a man Trisha will never forget. But, when she meets him again at Homeland…he doesn’t even remember her!

The nosy new doctor wants to know all about the breeding habits between humans and Species. Slade proposes a hands-on education but she’s not interested in a one-night stand. He can’t offer more because he’s haunted by the memory of a woman he once tried to claim. He’s shocked when he realizes they are one and the same. He’s blown it—she’ll never give him a chance now.

But, when her life is in danger, he’s the only one who can save her. As they flee through the wilderness, their desire ignites and cannot be denied. Hot sex, on the run, has consequences that are even more dangerous and will change their lives forever.

Laurann Dohner’s latest book, and second in the New Species series: Slade, fulfills the promise of the first book, Fury. In fact, I came away with believing I’d found something special…

The premise of this series is based on humans genetically engineered and enhanced with animal DNA, to form new breeds of human animals or New Species. Kept as virtual prisoners, subjected to brutal, inhuman and often fatal experimentation, their rescue/release and integration into the world and society at large, becomes a reality fraught with danger…

It can be argued that this premise is similar to another famous author and her equally famous and extremely popular series. Personally, I happen to think it’s like comparing Twilight to True Blood… Similar traits, only within the realm of the fantastical and whimsical.

I found the style, the plot, the characters, the settings… the sheer energy and impact of the story to be gripping, vibrantly crafted and executed. Devastatingly erotic and thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, what a rush!

For those that like a warning; although anal sex is mentioned it is in passing only. A little assertive seduction, more titillating than scary and there is a mild attempted rape scene, that whilst perhaps stressful to our heroine, should not upset anyone too much. There is however, lots of fabulous heart stopping, heart rocking, mind-blowing sex between two lovers, blind to the love that binds them.

I’ve been a fan of Ms Dohner’s since buying my first of hers, Berrr’s Vow and falling head over heels in lust with her Zorn Warrior studmuffin, Hyvin Berrr - and then bought everything else I could get my hands on. What an imagination this lady has! And her work just keeps getting better and better. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

So if gorgeous, over developed, alpha New Species mates of various breeds stimulate your interest, look no further than this wonderful series. Though it can be read as a stand alone, it's even more enjoyable read in order.

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Elle N. said...

Is the anal from a M/M interaction or is it mentioned in passing as the main guy starting to do it to the female? I have had so many disappointments where I start reading a great book, but anal sex is a total turn off for me and I just can't read the book anymore. Thank you for the warning though, I love it when reviewers post a sexual content warning!