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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aftermath by Bailey Bradford

Aftermath by Bailey Bradford
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (106 Pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 3 Cherries
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

Darren Brown spent two years running from his past, but he could only run so far before he was found.

Darren Brown lost the only two people he loved just days apart. His mother first, then his best friend. Guilt over his friend’s death drives Darren to wander for over a year before he winds up in the town of McKinton, Texas.

Lee Bausch served his tour in the Army then started his quest to find answers only one person could give him—except that one person had moved away. It takes him almost two years to find Darren Brown, and it turns out Darren doesn’t have the answers Lee needs—he is what Lee needs. Darren is shy and so sexy Lee can’t get enough of him, but he still needs answers because he can’t shake the feeling someone he loved was murdered.

After a terrifying experience at the motel, Darren knows he has to tell Lee about the spirits in McKinton. And there’s one spirit, scared and alone, who has the answers Lee seeks, if only the spirit knew how to tell Lee his suspicions are right.

Stefan Bausch died suddenly, unexpectedly and with no reason or explanation. It was the darkest time of his best friend’s life. Darren left town before Stefan’s death and still lives with the belief that it was somehow his fault.

His journey to a new location and his attempt to begin a new life is not exactly going the way he planned. He is living in a home with an elderly woman, gathering eggs from some very uncooperative chickens to bring to Virginia, his boss at the local diner. Darren walks around with the feeling of dread, and paranoia that he is being observed.

Lee Bausch is a man on a mission. After over a year of chasing leads, begging for favors and lots of frustration, his hard work has paid off. He has found his brother's best friend. Did he have the answers to all of Lee’s questions? Did he know what really happened to his younger brother? After finally spotting Darren in the diner, he is taken by surprise when he finds himself not only attracted to him, but totally mesmerized by the fragile young man. Their meeting turns into an unexpected sexual frenzy that becomes the beginning of a love story.

Darren and Lee are complicated characters with so much baggage that it tends to confuse the story at times. The eclectic mix of secondary characters keep the momentum of the story going, but overall it is just that, a story. Darren's fragility, weakness and uncontrollable attraction to Lee make you wish you could take him home, feed him some chicken soup and prepare him better for the outside world. Although Lee’s feelings are genuine and mostly believable, I did feel that he was taking advantage of Darren’s naivety.

The ending is somewhat expected but at the same time a turn from the norm. This is an easy read and a interesting short story to pass some time and get into the mind of a spirit with something on his mind.

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