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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blame it on Bollywood by Luxie Ryder

Blame it on Bollywood by Luxie Ryder
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (72 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Carnation

Tariq needs a break from his Bollywood career, while Kiera is bored by her humdrum life and dead end romance. Can they find their escape in each other?

A brief but powerful encounter with a beautiful stranger provides a rare moment of unadulterated pleasure for Tariq Salman, Bollywood superstar. He returns to Mumbai but can't forget the spirited young woman in her little silver car who saved him from a horde of screaming fans in the heart of London.

Doggie fashion designer Kiera Hamilton is swept off her feet by the stunningly handsome actor who crashes into her life, and has no way of knowing that their meeting will eventually turn her life upside down. She declines his dinner invitation and drives away before she forgets her common sense—and the fact she has a boyfriend waiting at home.

They meet again a year later on an idyllic beach in Goa, when Tariq takes a break from the career that no longer satisfies him and a newly single Kiera is Chief Bridesmaid at her sister's wedding. This time, there is nothing to stop them from exploring the insane chemistry between them, and the moment they touch each other, their feelings intensify.

But Kiera's ex-boyfriend has other ideas and turns up uninvited to attend the nuptials, and she finds herself in a terrifying battle to escape him and get back to the man with whom she is falling in love. But her past isn't the only obstacle coming between them, and Tariq and Kiera struggle to find the common ground in their cultures, their lives and their willingness to trust each other.

This hot, sweet love story elegantly tells the tale of two very different people who find that they have a soul connection and a wildly hot attraction in common. Tariq and Kiera find themselves ending boring and unsatisfactory relationships and beginning anew. The magnetic connection between them spans two countries and cultures and many months. The two keep losing each other in this time and space until they finally overcome their individual obstacles and learn to hold on to each other and never let go.

Tariq Salman is a Indian Hindi movie star: dark, sexy, hot and beloved by his fans, and Kiera, white-blond hair and green eyes, is a freelance designer living in London and struggling in her career. He has just left a superficial, numbingly boring relationship an is immersed in his successful, exciting career. She is finding her way to the end of a nowhere affair with a domineering, drunk boyfriend who will not let go. The two stumble into each other one day in London and are stunned by the instant, electric heat between them. When they eventually find their way free to each other, the sex is incredible and memorable and their feelings are immediately strong.

I love the way this story demonstrates the value of a rare and special emotional connection and the responsibility to cherish, nurture and protect it. The various problems the couple overcome to claim this treasure illustrate it's worth. These two characters really earn the love they have for each other. One problem that they face is an attack on Kiera by her drunken, dangerously abusive ex-boyfriend. After saving her from this bully, Tariq realizes how deep his feelings for her are. But their challenges are not over for many months.

I won't give away the details, but the problems they resolve are worth the wait. This is a story of the beauty, power and patience of love and of the extreme attraction between opposites of race, culture, status and personality. It is a story of personal growth and of hope.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this entertaining tale. It was fun, erotically hot and powerful, and so very well-written in every way. I didn't find a single editing error or mis-step in the creative execution, which is rare and refreshing. The heroine is a strong and interesting character that I liked very much. It was encouraging to see her evolve and grow throughout the course of the story. The hero was exciting, charming, sensitive and a gorgeous hunk... what's not to love?

I recommed you get your own copy of Luxie Ryder's, Blame it on Bollywood. You will be glad you did.

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Luxie Ryder said...


I am thrilled and honoured to receive my first ever 'Best Book' Award from Whipped Cream for Blame it on Bollywood!

I was having a bad day but you've made a grumpy author very happy!