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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dragon Sanctuary by Nicole Dennis

Dragon Sanctuary by Nicole Dennis
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (94 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Foxglove

Seeking sanctuary for her people, an Ice Dragon Queen ensnares a Captain of the Guard.

On a boring reconnaissance flight for his laird, Captain of the Guard Taggert Stuart spots a pale dragon under attack by wraiths. After the rescue, he learns the dragon hails from the northlands of the Ice Dragons and is their Queen.

Fleeing the destruction of her home, Ice Queen Kristjana McDrakken races to Scotland to seek sanctuary from Laird Liam McDrakken. Sensual feelings flare between Queen and Captain. Both ply for leadership in the bedroom, but an Ice Queen may only mate another with Ice in their bloodline. This doesn’t bode well for a dragon with Fire in his blood.

In the midst of anger, can these two find a way to blend the bloodlines?

Dragon Sanctuary is Nicole Dennis’ third visit with the McDrakken warriors and their unique world. Each of the books can stand alone, but the world becomes richer with each book, and we meet many characters again. I had read the first book, and was hoping Ms. Dennis would bring more of her fantastic dragons to life.

On routine patrol, Fire dragon Taggert Stuart and his men encounter a Wraith attack on a group of dragons, and they fly to the aid of the strangers. Once the enemy is routed, Tagg leads the bedraggled group to his Laird’s castle for protection. Tagg feels an attraction to the female that he has carried back, and discovers she is an Ice dragon, and more than that, she is their queen.

When the Laird hears the story of what befell the Ices, he offers sanctuary to the remaining dragons. Of the original five hundred of the Ice Dragons, only fifty survive the betrayal of one of their own, who has been turned by promises of great power by the Wraiths.

Kristjana feels safe with Tagg, and the passion rises quickly between them. Tagg feels he has finally found is true mate, but is hurt when Jana tells him that, although she wants and cares deeply for him, she must mate with an Ice dragon for the sake of her people. What neither of them know is that there is Ice blood in Taggert’s lineage, and before they can explore the possibilities, Jana is taken by the traitor as an offering to the Wraiths seeking to destroy the dragons.

Will Tagg be able to save Jana, and convince her he is the mate for her? Will these two find out the truth and mix the bloodlines as well as their lives? Can these two find the happy ever after they deserve?

This is a world filled with danger and betrayal, but with passion and loyalty as well. The characters are strong and well crafted, and these are folks I want to spend more time with.

Kristjana ‘Jana’ McDrakken is a proud and strong leader of her people. She is also a woman who has suffered a betrayal by one of her own, and is trying to come to terms with the loss of most of her people as well as the destruction of her home. She is drawn to Tagg deep in her heart, but also feel the need to keep her people safe and together. I enjoyed watching as Jana realized that she could be both Queen and woman, and have all she desired.

Taggert ‘Tagg’ Stuart is a strong warrior, brave and ready to defend those who need it. He doesn’t expect to have his mate drop out of the skies into his arms in a Wraith attack, but he is more than happy to explore the feelings between him and Jana. I felt his hurt when Jana told him that she needed to mate with a dragon with Ice bloodlines, and watched as he came to terms with her decision. I loved it when he decided that, bloodline or not, he would prove to her that he was the only one for her, once she was endangered again.

There are several intriguing twists her, and there is a bit of political wrangling going on behind the scenes. The secondary characters are well defined, and they have been seen before in the first two books of the series. There are a couple of delightful surprises here, and I enjoyed catching up with earlier characters to see how they have been. This is for those who like fantasy and dragons along with scorching hot romance in their reading lives. I recommend this, and the others in the series as well.

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