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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Joy Ride by Desiree Holt

Joy Ride by Desiree Holt
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (241 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Carnation

Emma, the good girl poster child, is running from a life she suddenly sees as gray and suffocating—a life where she’s successfully buried all her hopes and secret dreams. Until the night she wanders into Aftershock and is immediately drawn to the hot bass player. The electricity of his performance, the powerful music he coaxes from his guitar, the heavy vibration of each note reaches out to something deep inside her and wakes an Emma she didn’t even know existed.

Marc doesn’t much care for the groupies who hang around the band. He needs a woman he can create a future with that’s a counterpoint to the craziness of the rock music business. When he sees Emma for the first time, something inside him cracks wide open. Just one sizzling glance between them, and he’s sure he’s found the woman to complete his life.

But as the relationship grows, there’s a huge stumbling block: Emma won’t tell him her name. The sex is fabulous but he wants more….

Although Emma is finally finding her true self, her fear of everything falling apart builds a barrier she can’t seem to cross. Marc is taking her on the joy ride of her life, but will her own insecurities destroy everything?

What would you do if the woman you are falling in love with would not tell you her name? Would you give her hopeful patience and the time she needs to find the trust and security she requires to overcome her fears? That is what gentle, passionate rock musician, Mark Malone does when he knows he has finally met the woman for him. This sexy, masculine artist is not one for groupies and one night stands, but is seeking a permanent, secure and lasting relationship with a special woman.

Emma Blake has always done things the safe way. The way her parents always planned for her. Now, reaching her thirtieth birthday, she realizes that she has been wasting her life and living it for other people - not for herself. When her best friend from school comes back to town, Emma sees how happy, in love with her husband and filled with life she is, which is such a contrast to her own dead, boring life. Emma has a boring dead-end boyfriend and a boring dead-end job... a life that is all routine and no joy.

Seeing how happy Jacie is brings Emma to the point where she can no longer tolerate the life she has found herself living. She runs out on her boyfriend one Saturday night and ends up at a rock club in town with a beer in her hand in front of the stage dancing. All new experiences for her. Then like thunder and lightning, their eyes meet and the magnetism is electric between them. The bass musician has a profound and erotic effect on Emma and it's clear that the attraction is mutual. Then begins an affair that the inexperienced and skittish woman finds it impossible to commit to fully because of her fear and insecurity.

I loved the way Ms. Holt first brought the two of the main characters together and so deftly painted that scene, along with their personalities. When Mark and Emma come into each others arms for the first time it is the most passionate and exciting moment possible. The tentative unfolding of the evolving, new Emma also was well described with sensitivity and just the right amount of emotional tension. I was pleased with the way she used detailed scenes involving Emma's parents and boyfriend to explain in a believable fashion the insecurity and lack of self worth that the young woman suffered, which served to make sense of her irrational behavior.

I did have a issue with the editing errors in this book. I also think that it could have been somewhat shorter, as there were some problems with minor repetitiveness. I still enjoyed the story very much and found it refreshing. I almost got too impatient with Emma aka 'Music Lady', continuing so determinedly to cling to her fears, but in the end she found her way, thanks to her 'Guitar Man' and it was truly worth the wait.

Something I adored about this book was the way Mark's goodness and sensitivity as well as his determined patience and love was so key to bringing about Emma's transformation, trust and release from her pain. Ms. Holt has a way of creating some of the most sexy, strong and beautiful male lead characters that I've read. The sex scenes here are also some of the hottest she's done.. Whew!

I recommend, Joy Ride as a sweet, sexy and encouraging story of the trans-formative power of passion and love that left me with sentimental tears and a pleasing satisfaction. There I found the 'joy' in Joy Ride. For readers who love sentimental, scorching hot romance, this redemptive, positive tale is a must.

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