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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Silver’s Chance by Billi Jean

Silver’s Chance by Billi Jean
Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (410 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Foxglove

When life throws Samantha a curve ball in the form of an ancient Lykae warlord bent on marking her as his - what's she going to do? Run like hell? Oh, yeah, that so worked the first time around. With Derrick hot after her tail, Samantha discovers being the hunted just might not be as bad as she thought.

Derrick is a warlord hardened by centuries of battle. Now that he's free from years of torment, he discovers his mate. Only his beautiful little half wolf is as determined to deny him, as he is to claim her.

As the battle to keep her safe intensifies, Derrick faces the biggest fight of his life: winning Samantha's heart and keeping alive long enough to claim her.

Together they just might tame each other.

Silver’s Chance is Billi Jean’s second foray into this dark and dangerous world filled with vampires, shifters, demons and Faye. It is a fast paced and engrossing story, one that kept me enthralled from the very first page.

Samantha Silversword is on a mission. She has left the Faye realm in search of her twin sister, Susanna, and she is letting nothing get in her way. When she gets a tip from a Fire Demon that what she desires can be found in a pit in the desert, she heads out with high hopes.

In a hall filled with statues of Death Stalkers, instead of her sister she finds a man bolted to the cavern wall. But not just a man, actually a huge and angry Lykae, and Samantha knows that there is definitely something strange going on. With her affinity for manipulating metal, she frees the Lykae, who, as it turns out, is Derrick MacKenzie, brother to the king of the Lykae.

Derrick has been captive for two hundred years, but he realizes immediately that the woman freeing him is his mate, although she doesn’t seem to recognize their connection. Derrick is a warlord, and doesn’t understand modern women, and Samantha is determined to get as far from him and his claims as she can. When the Fire Demon tells her Derrick is her best chance to find her sister, she reluctantly decides to keep him close. What Samantha doesn’t expect is the growing attraction she feels for Derrick, and the realization that her ‘inner wolf’ wants nothing more than to claim Derrick for her mate as much as he does. Can Samantha come to terms with these new and unsettling desires? Can Derrick rein in his beast in order to win Samantha’s heart? Can these two get past their differences and work together to search for Susanna?

This story actually takes place before the first book, and it clears up some of the back-story about Midnight Star and events I had some questions about. But this is Samantha and Derrick’s story, and it is filled with humor, danger, and lots of heat and passion. The characters are exquisitely detailed and complex, and I enjoyed watching their verbal and physical sparring as they learned how to work together toward their goals.

Samantha is strong and independent, and feels guilty for her sister being missing. She has a sharp mind and a very sarcastic and wry sense of humor. She is loyal to friends and family, and has always believed herself to be the ‘misfit’ of the family. Her bloodlines include a Faye warrior and a warlock, and even a bit of Lykae in the distant past. I enjoyed watching as Samantha came to realize she wasn’t the twin with ‘tainted’ blood as she had believed. Watching as she began to understand and accept who and what she is, and accept her true worth was a delight.

Derrick MacKenzie is strong, loyal and more than a little confused. After being held captive, tortured and then left bolted to a wall for decades, he is rescued from his confinement by the one person he did not expect-his mate. Watching Derrick attempt to understand modern society is such fun. He is determined to win over his mate, and yet at every turn, he finds another way to alienate her. I loved watching his confusion turn into admiration as he realizes Samantha’s true strength and her abilities.

There are several surprising turns here, with betrayal and intrigue circling through the enemy’s camp. Not everyone is what they seem, and Samantha and Derrick must survive attacks and tricks before finding what they need to continue the search for Susanna. The secondary characters are as richly detailed and interesting as Samantha and Derrick, and I hope we will see more of them, especially Samantha’s Wiccan friend Tabithia and her friend Aeros, and the Fire Demon Agni. There is a deliciously hot happy for now for Samantha and Derrick, but the search will continue for Susanna in what I hope will be many more visits to this world of Billi Jean’s magical people.

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