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Friday, November 11, 2011

All Jacked Up by Desiree Holt

All Jacked Up by Desiree Holt
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (73 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Carnation

On his fortieth birthday Jack Manning had his own private pity party until a pixie showed up and he was soon "all jacked up".

Jack Manning had carried an image with him all of his adult life of the woman he planned to marry. She’d be every man’s ideal-slender with masses of blonde curls and sapphire blue eyes.

Darcy O’Connor has been the odd-girl-out all her life. Barely five feet tall, she wears outrageous clothes, styles her short black hair in spikes and has developed a smart mouth to cover her insecurities.

When she walks into Eli’s, the favoured neighbourhood hangout, and meets Jack on his birthday, it’s like a collision of the planets. Instantly they rub each other the wrong way. But very hot sex keeps drawing them together.

Will they burn each other out before they realise what their feelings really are?

Jack and Darcy have absolutely nothing in common...except the most earth shattering sex on the planet. After two failed tries at staying out of each other's arms, they are even more determined to forget they ever saw each other.

She: A creative, independent sprite of a curvy, petite woman who follows the beat of her own drum. She was always labeled as 'eccentric' by her ultra-conservative family for her outside-of-the-box style and ideals. Darcy O'Connor is a hard-working director in a small television production company with a boss who refuses to give her that title or the credits that go with it. Her smart-mouthed edgy attitude is a cover for the insecurities she has over never 'fitting in' or achieving what she knows she has earned.

He: Handsome, fit Jack Manning is in a tail spin over being the only forty year old man he knows who hasn't yet found the woman of his dreams. AKA: Barbie. He is a conservative, buttoned down, stuffed suit with a boring, predictable career and lifestyle that is unsatisfying and unacceptable. Jack has become bitter, unhappy and judgmental. He has adopted a superficial attitude toward women and his life in general, and somehow in doing, has lost his true self.

Both Jack and Darcy are due for some personal changes and attitude adjustments. No matter how resistant they are to the idea of a relationship with each other, neither can erase the memories of their deeply satisfying and blazing hot interludes from their minds. The fact that opposites attract is an undeniable force between them. However, each is locked into their own strict persona, with little room for an open mind. Change is not on their agendas.

Fate has other ideas, and Jack and Darcy's plans of avoiding each other are not destined to work. Their friends and family have gotten involved as well, and soon their worlds become more open and do their minds.

I loved this charming story of two very different people who need just what the other has in order to get on with their own lives and personal evolution. The intense emotion that unexpectedly shatters the defenses of these two strong personalities, opens them up and heals their disappointments. All love needs is for the door of their minds to open up a tiny crack and the sweet sun shines in! Ms. Holt demonstrates once again in her delightfully relevant style, the healing and transformative power of true love within the lives of her very dynamic characters.

I found everything to love about this uplifting tale. It was superbly written, with strong and compelling characterization and perfect timing. The erotic scenes were exceptional with their urgently hot passion that scorched the pages with just the right amount of smoke. If you like exciting hot romance that completely involves you every minute, go get a copy of, All Jacked Up by Desiree Holt and enjoy!

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