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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chasing Seth by J. R. Loveless

Chasing Seth by J. R. Loveless
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (208 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint

Veterinarian Seth Davies comes to Senaka, Wyoming, looking for peace and anonymity, trying to escape his past. He’s always been a target for trouble and pain, and Seth has had more than his share of both. Kasey Whitedove takes one look at Seth and assumes the worst. No white man could love animals the way the mostly Cheyenne population expects, and Kasey makes Seth’s first days in Senaka more than unpleasant.

Then an accident puts Kasey in the uncomfortable position of eating crow—and helplessly desiring Seth—despite the danger of Kasey’s life as a werewolf and Seth’s stressful secrets. Chasing Seth down and keeping him safe from his past has just become Kasey's most important job.

This was a book with surprises I never saw coming, but I'm glad I read it.

At the beginning of this story, I could not stand Kasey's personality. Then as I learned more about the hero and saw how misguided his views were, I began to sympathize for him. Like many individuals who harbor prejudices, Kasey’s attitude stems from a lack of knowledge about others. While it is bluntly evident that Seth had lived a sheltered life, I began to realize Kasey’s life has been a bit sheltered as well.

Seth is by far the stand out character within this story. He is a sweetie any reader would only want the best for. I also wanted him to have the life he has deserved for so long. Even in life-threatening situations he is more of a loveer than a fighter. That is why he needs a strong alpha mate to protect his gentle soul. At the beginning of the story I saw Seth as a strong man, but as the story went on I began to see him a scared, vulnerable young man. With Kasey by his side, he just seems so much younger and I had to keep reminding myself he was a grown man. I would not say this is a negative feature however, because it made me want to cherish him even more.

The main players are great and so is the supporting cast, especially Nick. He is quite the character. Every time Nick was not present in a scene, I found myself missing him and wanting him back. He is one of those silent but deadly kinds of men that just melts me. I am keeping my fingers cross that J.R. Loveless creates another story featuring Nick. I'm eager to read his story.

This love story features a white male and a Cheyenne male. Their heritage plays a large role in the relationship development. Therefore, if prejudice is something that offends some readers then this story may not be for them. Additionally, Seth has suffered from an abusive situation in the past and there are discussions of his past abuse as a means to explain his actions towards his true love.

This was definitely a refreshing shifter story. I have found many paranormal erotic stories lately that seem so disconnected, they did not seem to flow. This author wrote Chasing Sethin a way that renewed my love affair with paranormal erotica and has me excited to read more.

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