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Monday, November 21, 2011

Diamonds in the Sand by Cassandra Pierce

Diamonds in the Sand by Cassandra Pierce
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (98 Pages)
Other: M/F, Ménage, M/F/M/M/M/M, M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Foxglove

Oceanographer Maura Ryan travels to the tropics to meet with her mentor, who claims to have made an amazing new discovery. By the time she gets there, he has vanished…and in his place are five mysterious men who have a strange connection to the sea.

As they help her search for the missing scientist, Daq, Janko, Ivar, Ejan and Tagin introduce Maura to the uninhibited life they enjoy on the island. Before long, they ask her to join them in their balmy paradise, and she is tempted to accept.

However, Maura can’t help wondering about her new friends’ role in Dr. Miller’s disappearance. She has also begun to suspect that they aren’t exactly like other men. Can she respond to their desire for her, wondering if they might not be what they seem? Should she give into what she feels for them, knowing that they might not be human?

Diamonds in the Sand is Cassandra Pierce’s second book featuring her Aquans. I love the lighthearted outlook of these books, filled with passion and humor and hot hunks.

When Dr. Maura Ryan received a message from her former mentor about a fantastic new discovery he had made, she flies to the tropical island where he now lives at his invitation. Upon her arrival, the oceanographer is disappointed to find that Septimus Miller seems to have disappeared from his home without leaving any word for her. In his place are five gorgeous men, each one devastatingly handsome, willing to help her in any way possible. She falls under the spell of the island, and into the arms of Daq, one of the men living in her mentor’s home.

When she finally uncovers the discovery Septimus spoke of, she realizes that these five men are not exactly human, and they all want to keep her there with them. Can she accept what these five men offer her? Will she discover where her mentor has gone to? Can the scientist in her keep the discovery of a lifetime secret from the world?

There is a bit of mystery in this story, with the disappearance of Septimus Miller, but there is lots of heat and action to keep the pace of the book moving along quite nicely. I like the history Ms. Pierce has created for her ancient race of Aquans, and the male/female dynamic reversal is unique here. I love that the women of the Aquan culture are the love them and leave them wanderers, and the men are the family nurturers.

Maura Ryan is a smart young woman, and excited to be invited to see her mentor’s new discovery. She is drawn to the five men who she believes work for Septimus, and I enjoyed watching as she slowly loses her civilized inhibitions and experiences island living and passion to its fullest. I also understood her suspicions as she wonders whether these five men may have done something to cause the absence of her mentor.

Daq, Janko, Ivar, Ejan and Tagin are five extremely hot and sexy male specimens, and they are each unique in their own way. They are also a pod, or group of men, seeking that one woman who can accept them and anchor their family unit. As Aquans, the men need a female to ground them, and they want Maura to be that woman. I loved watching as each found their own place in her heart, and slowly worked on her inhibitions to allow her to be more free.

There are a couple of surprises, too. Meeting the families of the men of the pod is delightful, and the mischief that Daq’s sister incites is great for a laugh or two. And this sister discovers something about her own needs from a mysterious stranger visiting the island as well.

When the truth about Septimus’ absence becomes known, Maura must make her decision: go home and forget what she knows about the Aquans, or stay and live the rest of her life surrounded by five hot men who will worship her and love her with all they have to give. On the way to this decision, there is lots of sexy action by five skilled men to try and convince her to stay.

This is one to read to warm these cooler autumn nights, with a cold drink close at hand.

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