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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Enraptured by Jayne Fresina

Enraptured by Jayne Fresina
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (115 pages)
Other: M/F, Spanking
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Amaryllis

Harry Blackwood has a rule never to sleep with a woman younger than thirty. But he’s also never been to a ball uninvited, stripped naked over tea in a quiet parlor, stepped inside a male bordello, been spanked by anyone other than his father, or become emotionally involved in another person’s life. And within a few hours, all that will change.

Christina Deveraux is nineteen, untamable as a hellcat and determined to enjoy Harry Blackwood’s abundant favors the moment he drops his trousers in her front parlor. As for his silly rules— she’s never met a rule she couldn’t break. After all, it is only sex, it’s her trade now she’s been left to manage her mother’s house of sin, and she has enough theory advice from a set of explicit diaries.

Now she wants to put text into practice. And Harry just happens to be the perfect study mate.

This is a story of opposites coming together to become something better than either was before on their own. What could be more romantic than that? I liked Harry and enjoyed being in his point-of-view. He comes across as sexy and smart with an edge of chivalry and protectiveness, at times touchingly bemused. He’s paired with the strong-minded, stubborn Christina. Harry is the son of a quirky man whose will requires Harry to return the paintings in the family private collection to the models who posed for them. If they don’t do this then the money will go to the housekeeper.

Though her mother was a courtesan who later ran a male bordello, Christina had been sheltered and educated to be a governess. When her mother dies, Christina finds herself in the position of needing to run the male bordello. She reads her mother’s diaries, quickly loses her naivety and sets about determinedly to run the male brothel on her own. However, one small catch keeps tripping her up. She needs sexual experience to know how to do well in this business.

That’s when Harry comes into the picture. There’s sexual tension aplenty between these two from the very start. Their sexual attraction pulls them together even as misgivings and their flaws pull them apart. Christina needs to learn to accept help from another person and Harry needs to learn how to be accessible and to give help. The sex has a teasing and playful aspect to it while being hot and sexily written.

Overall, it’s a pleasingly tense plot in which two seemingly different people find they have much to learn from the other.

If you like strong-minded heroines, cool-on-the-outside-yet-sweet-on-the-inside heroes and erotic romance with good character growth then I highly recommend this spicy tale. It should warm up a few autumn evenings.

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