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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fire Woman by Megan Slayer

Fire Woman by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (56 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Foxglove

Atria Moline isn't your average photographer. She controls fire. Sounds fun, being able to scorch whenever you like? Think again. She's lonely and desperate for the touch of the man who can dance in her flame -- if she doesn't immolate him first.

Zac "Iceman" Frost controls the stage with his band Glow. He's not about to back down from Atria's challenge. He's got secrets of his own and his sights set on her.

Fire Woman is Megan Slayer' first book. I loved the world created in this story, and I sincerely hope to see more of the world of Glow and the band members who make up this unique group.

Atria Moline is a photographer. But she has a secret, one that has kept her alone for most of her adult life. Atria is a fire elemental, and she can’t be with the one man she has loved since the day she met him; at least not without turning him to ashes with her fire.

Zacchaeus ‘Iceman’ Frost is the bass player for the popular band Glow, Atria'srother Lucien’s band, and the most gorgeous male she has ever seen. She’s kept her distance, because she doesn’t want to be the cause of his destruction. When Atria is threatened by another magical fire elemental, Zac hides her to protect her from Niccolo. As he spends time with her, Zac become more convinced she is the one woman for him.

But Zac has been hiding a secret of his own: he is a water elemental, and controls ice. He realizes that Atria is his counterpart, the one being who balances his power. Can Zac save her from Niccolo? Can he convince her they belong together? When a deluded fan tries to come between them, can Zac survive it all?

The characters in this story are well defined, with just the hint of supernatural powers to make them different. These are people who could live down the street or across town from you, but they have that something special to keep them from being ordinary.

Atria Moline is strong and sassy, but afraid to open up and live life. She wants Zac, but fears her desire would destroy him. I loved her sarcastic wit and her determination to face her demons on her own terms, no matter the cost. I enjoyed watching as temptation lured her in and brought her to Zac’s side.

Zacchaeus ‘Zac’ Frost is handsome, sexy and hiding his own secret from Atria. He has been attracted to her, but kept his distance for eight years. But when she is in danger, all his instincts scream for him to claim her and protect her from impending trouble. I enjoyed watching Zac charm Atria, and show her he is more than capable of withstanding her fire. His sarcasm and wit is a good counterpoint to her attitude, and they soon discover they are perfect for each other.

This is a romance with bite, and a couple of serious twists along the way. The secondary characters are wonderful, and I hope to see more of Luc and the band in the future. I enjoyed the way Ms Slayer handled the overbearing Niccolo, and the twist with the drug-addled stalker was something I didn’t see coming.

I hope this is the beginning of a long and enjoyable ride with Megan Slayer’s stories. This may be her first book, but I believe she has a great future ahead of her.

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