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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Collection by B.J. McCall

Lunar Eclipse Collection by B.J. McCall
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (148 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Foxglove

Lycaon Moon: Veda has left the pack, rejecting its edicts, its laws and the lycan rituals. The last thing she wants in her life is an alpha wolf and since leaving the pack, she's refused to run beneath the Lycaon Moon. Kane's been gone for three years, but he's back and determined to mate with Veda.

Lunar Eclipse: The pack elders order Violet Winter to choose a mate by the conclusion of the lunar eclipse. Violet wants to mate for love and in defiance of their edict seduces an unacceptable half-breed. Canon Ross is establishing his place in his mother's pack until he's seduced by a she-wolf, but the flames ignited aren't easily extinguished and Canon refuses to be dismissed.

Mark of the Moon: The mark of the moon prophecy ordains that Ivy Ward must mate with the werewolf bearing a birthmark similar to the one she bears, a crescent shaped moon. Lodan Hunt bears the Mark, but there is far more to this prophecy than a preordained mate.

This is a delightful collection of wolf stories, and I was caught up in the world Ms McCall built here.

Shifters live by the rules of the pack. They follow their Alpha, whether they agree with the rules or not, or face being banished or alone. BJ McCall has written three stories of unusual shifters, wolves that go out of their way to flaunt the rules and live life on their own terms. Until they each come up against the one thing they can’t escape: their one true mate, one destined to love them and stand with them.

In Lycaon Moon, Veda Pearl has chosen to go her own way, refusing to run under the Lycaon Moon that lets her mate claim her. She wants no part of the pack or the mating process.

Passing for human, Veda is a bounty hunter, satisfied with life away from the pack. At least she was, until Kane came back into her life after being banished from the pack three years ago. Kane Ryland is as determined to claim Veda as she is to avoid being claimed. Can Kane win Veda’s heart and convince her to accept him?

In Lunar Eclipse, Violet Winters is determined to mate for love. When pack elders decree she must choose a mate before the end of the lunar eclipse. Violet rebels, and decides to choose the least acceptable prospect. She seduces a half-breed wolf, one trying to find acceptance with the pack his mother left years ago to marry a human. Canon Ross succumbs to Violet’s seduction, and decides to do the right thing by facing the elders who must decide both their fates. Can these two find love in spite of the way they met?

In Mark of the Moon, Ivy Ward is destined to mate with the wolf who bears the Mark of the Moon, a crescent shaped birthmark that matches the one she has. As a result, she was considered off limits in her hometown, even gaining the nickname Poison Ivy. She takes an extended vacation to California, where no one knows of her birthmark or the prophecy it involves. Lodan Hunt is participating in a grueling forty mile cross country race, a race he has won two years in a row, with the lead in this years competition. At least he leads until the sudden jolt of electricity up his spine and the enticing smell of she-wolf throws him off his stride. Once the race is over, he realizes the crescent moon birthmark he has is burning like fire. Ivy doesn’t understand why, after brushing the fur of one of the wolves racing past her, the birthmark that causes her so much frustration has begun to sting and burn. Can these two find each other, and fulfill the prophecy as they were meant to?

BJ McCall has a marvelous way with shifters, especially her werewolves. The characters in these three stories are all well crafted and finely detailed. Each has their own unique style and personality, and all are fun to meet and get to know. These each take place in different locales, but the world remains decidedly constant and interesting.

The three women are all strong, and as different as can be. Veda is strong and independent, choosing to ignore her wolf side as long as possible. Violet is soft and determined to mate and marry for love and no other reason. Ivy is ready for some fun in a strange place, where no one knows about her mark or the prophecy. But all three share some common traits. All are strong, sassy and determined to live life on their own terms, rather than be dictated to. I like that in all of Ms McCall’s books, and especially with these three women.

The men are all determined and ready to settle down. Kane is strong and refuses to give up on Veda. Canon wants to learn about his wolf side, but he also wants the woman he loves by his side while he learns. Lodan has always doubted the prophecy, until s twist of fate brings Ivy into his world. But all three will do whatever it takes to keep their mates in their lives. I like the determination Ms. McCall instills in her men, and that never give up attitude they all have.

I loved the brief glimpses into pack rules, laws and traditions as decided upon for this world, and I look forward to more in this world in the future. There is a happy ever after and two happy for now with future stories to come here. I recommend these for all shifter fans, but keep the fan on, and a supply of cold drinks, because like all of Ms McCall’s work, these can get hot.

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B.J. McCall said...

Dear Foxglove:

Thank you for the wonderful review. I'm so pleased you enjoyed my wolves.