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Friday, November 18, 2011

Shy Cowboy by Jan Irving

Shy Cowboy by Jan Irving
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (72 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Coreopsis

Shy Cowboy Cass Drake is in love with his best friend, Tom Black, and content to keep it to himself until Tom is brutally attacked and Cass will do anything to protect him—even letting Tom mark him as his human mate.

Cowboy Cass Drake puts himself on a crash diet shortly after he meets Tom Black. Built like a linebacker, Cass has always been self conscious about his size and his shyness isn't helped by all the teasing he endures in the bunkhouse. But his quiet new friend Tom actually seems to be flirting with him. When Tom is attacked one night, it's Cass who comes to his rescue. Tom has a thing for his innocent cowboy but he also has secrets that could put Cass in danger.

When wolf shifters find their mates there is little they can do to avoid the inevitable. Tom Black is fighting tooth and claw to keep his attraction towards his shy friend at bay. But no man or wolf shifter can an avoid destiny forever.

I have to begin with saying that I just loved this pairing. It’s a complete role reversal. The wolf shifter is the smaller more submissive man and the human love interest is the large and in charge alpha in the relationship. I liked how this author mixed it up and took these characters is a different direction.

Tom has been working at the same ranch as Cass for a few months and his attraction towards the other man keeps him at a distance. He knows Cass isn’t experienced when it comes to relationships and sex. And Tom has his own fears of becoming mated to another person. He likes his easy pick up and go life style but he wasn’t counting on finding a suitable mate in Cass.

Poor Cass, the man is larger than life, literally. He’s tall and very muscular and his size has kept people at a distance all his life. Cass is lonely and is subtly trying to catch Tom’s attention. Cass lacks self confidence and his unsure way of going about things made him very likable.

These two men start to make a connection but it comes to a screeching halt when Tom gets assaulted by another wolf. I loved how Cass came to Tom’s rescue without fear for his own well being. It the midst of the conflict a love between Tom and Cass starts to bloom.

This is a short story but it doesn’t lack in the entertainment department. The love scenes were a gradual build that definitely steamed up the pages. Then there is the unknown wolf that is trying to kidnap Tom. This is an easy read that doesn’t leave the reader hanging on the edge for too long.

I’m a fan of Jan Irving’s Uncommon Cowboys series and Shy Cowboy left this reviewer satisfied. I would recommend this to all readers who have a love for shifters, cowboys, and happy ever afters.

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