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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Wolf Within by Sondrae Bennett

The Wolf Within by Sondrae Bennett
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (97 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed By: Dianthus

Will his love be enough to keep her safe?

Julie doesn’t know what to think when the man she’s had a crush on her entire life--a man she thinks is meant to be her sister's mate--starts flirting with her after she returns home from college. The harder she tries to distance herself, the harder he works to win her over. He cant’t want to mate with her...a freak born a full human among shifters. So why won’t he accept her rejection?

Brendan's waited years for Julie's return. Now that she’s finally home, there’s nothing to keep him from her...not even her three alpha wolf brothers. But he’s not the only one after Julie. Something is stalking her and Brendan's protective instincts toward her kick in, but at what cost?

When the unthinkable happens, will Julie and Brendan's love give them the strength they need to persevere?

Bonded mates, shape shifters, kidnapping, hot sex and unrelenting love for your partner...if any of those things call to you then this is a book you need to read. The characters are well written and the story plays out nicely from beginning to end. This story will not disappoint those who like romance with a little twist of paranormal in the mix.

Brendan and Julie were a match made from the beginning, if only Julie could see it that way. Brendan has lusted after Julie for years but understood that he had to let her find her own way to him, but when she finally came back to her hometown he realized waiting was for the birds. He had to have her as his mate for all time, she was everything for him and it was time he claimed what was him.

Julie has loved Brendan from afar since she was a little girl with pigtails, but she isn’t like the rest of her family; she isn’t a shifter. Julie believes this will forever keep her and Brendan apart, because why would he want ordinary when he could have special? If only she could see how special she really was to him.

But now someone is trying to take Julie from Brendan and this is just not acceptable to him, not when he finally has her back.

If a book with suspense, paranormal undertones and good romance is something that you are looking for than look no further. Sondrae Bennett spins a great tale that makes you drop everything else to read more of her works. Her books, especially this entire series, are now firmly rooted in my TBR pile and she is only my list of authors to watch for. This book will keep you page turning until the end and then reaching for the next in the series it is so good.

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