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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Suite 69 by Sahara Kelly and S.L. Carpenter

Suite 69 by Sahara Kelly and S.L. Carpenter
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (123 pgs)
Other: M/F, toys
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Iris

Redefining room service…

The Zephyre Corporation’s annual convention may be designed to let colleagues kick back in the Florida sun, but Riley McGuire doesn’t plan to let anything interfere with her chance to shine for corporate management. Not even the devastatingly sexy guy playing air guitar—naked—in her hotel suite.

Oliver Wilson expected to share a deluxe suite with what he assumed was an amiable Irish-American beer drinker, not an acid-tongued Boston beauty who can’t hold her liquor.

Their agreement to muddle through is shot to hell by a tug of attraction that, in the convention’s decadent atmosphere, grows too strong to resist. Oliver discovers there’s more going on under Riley’s suits than good marketing ideas. And Oliver’s gentlemanly teasing gets under Riley’s skin…in a sexy way.

Behind closed doors, lust explodes between the sheets. But is a pair of vibrating panties a temporary pleasure, or the start of something that doesn’t require batteries?

Boy, do I want to work for THIS company! Well, I'd like to at least go to their corporate conferences! Between the toy party, the “Christmas” party and the bachelor auction – not to mention an organized shopping trip, I don’t know how anyone got ANY work done!

The perfect fantasy relationship for anyone stuck at a boring corporate event, this story pairs male Oliver and female Riley in the appropriately named suite 69. Although it is a mistake, without someone moving to a hotel far away from the conference, there is no way to rectify the situation other than them both remaining in the suite.

Bitter, vengeful and horny co-workers make the conference interesting. And the interference keeps throwing Riley and Oliver together.
Everything centers around sex – from the owner’s wife’s new “career” to the “extra curricular activities” of the conference attendees,

This is a fast paced book, and is quite enjoyable throughout. It’s a hot way to spend an afternoon. Be sure to pick this one up and have it ready when you just want to “get away”!

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Sahara Kelly said...

Hello Iris...just sending a big thankyou over your way...S.L. Carpenter and I really appreciate you taking the time to read and review our book. These days, with so many fine eBooks out there, it's always a delight to find that someone has chosen ours - and that it's made them smile. To us, that's the best praise of all!

Thanks again and best wishes for a Happy Holiday to everyone at Whipped Cream Reviews!

Sahara Kelly and S.L. Carpenter.