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Monday, December 12, 2011

Vampire Hunter by Crissy Smith

Vampire Hunter by Crissy Smith
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (59 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint

Under the full moon, backed into a dark alley, hunter and hunted collide...and sparks fly.

MacKayla Smith hunts against her will, but it is the only way she can keep her loved ones safe. She does what she has to do until a chance encounter in a dark alley brings her face to face with her destiny. And her destiny has fangs.

Ryland Thomas has spent his entire existence alone, and he likes it that way. But when he stumbles across MacKayla taking down a rogue vampire, his world is changed. Now his every instinct demands that he protect Mac. With someone else pulling her stings, it won’t be easy.

Head-strong woman with a nose for trouble, vampire used to being alone—they are in for the fight of their lives. Mac and Ryland might just survive their meeting if they can band together to fight the real monster in their lives...

Forbidden love can be sweetened by the excitement of danger and the fear of being caught. This is especially true when it involves a vampire hunter such as MacKayla and her vampire lover Ryland. For Mac and Ryland the stakes are even higher, because if Mac’s family finds out it will result in instant death for both of them.

I am a long time fan of a strong female role whether it be stories, movies, or real life and Mac is definitely a strong female. Yes, she is forced to hunt vampires because of her family’s beliefs, but she does not do it out of fear of herself. She does it out of loyalty. In my eyes, this sacrifice of herself to protect those she loves makes her one of the strongest. No matter what the cost to herself she will protect those she cares for, including Ryland who she has not known very long; but once Mac accepts someone into their life, they are under her protection.

Ryland is everything a woman can want in a hunky man. He has the arrogance but not to the point of pig headedness. He also has the ability to bring out a dark desire within Mac that we readers love to hear about in a vampire novel. He also has a need to protect those he cares for, which in this case can be a bit difficult since Mac feels the need to protect him just as fiercely.

The journey I was taken on was one that drew me in and keep me interested the entire ride. Especially Mac and her relationship with her family whether it be those trying to force her into compromising situation or those she feels she need to protect no matter what. The relationship development just made it even sweeter. The author even squeezed in a few more interesting secondary characters that I am interested in learning more about in case she decides to add additional stories later down the line.

This short and sweet story is one I'm sure you'll enjoy and will leave you wanting more.

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