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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Falke’s Captive by Anna Leigh Keaton & Madison Layle

Falke’s Captive by Anna Leigh Keaton and Madison Layle
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (180 pages)
Other: M/F/M, Menage, mild BDSM, spanking, toys
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

A graduate student working in animal genetics, Beth Coldwell is in town to track and tag big cats in the wild. Her prospects for the summer only improve when she meets Kelan and Reidar Falke and decides the sexy brothers are the right pair to fulfill her other, less than scientific, desires...

But her research is a threat to the Falke family secret. When Kelan, in cougar form, is captured, that secret comes closer than ever to being revealed. He escapes, but not before Beth draws a blood sample, and analysis shows this is no ordinary mountain lion.

Kelan and Reidar cannot deny the powerful attraction they feel toward Beth. She might just be their destined mate. But if they reveal themselves to her, will she embrace who they are or see them as just another science experiment?

How adventurous are you, Beth?”

Beth’s years of research into the habits of big cats will be severely tested when the puma she has been tracking starts chasing her instead.

As a family of Puma shifters, the Falke brothers have to be careful with their family’s secret. If ever they were discovered by the wrong person their entire world could crumble. In the second book in the Puma Nights series, we are introduced to brothers Kelan and Reider Falke. As the younger of the set of four cubs that were born in a litter, Kelan and Reider are as close as their brothers’ Axel and Gunner that we met in Falke’s Peak. Now that Gunner and Axel have found their mate, Kelan and Reider are hoping to be blessed with someone with whom they can share the secret and have their own happily ever after.

Inexplicably Kelan and Reider are drawn to graduate student Beth Coldwell. Is she the one? Will she be able to handle the truth? Why does she keep trying to shoot one of the brothers? That last question actually provides some comic relief in this highly charged romantic adventure.

As I mentioned, this is the second book in this collaboration between authors Anna Leigh Keaton and Madison Layle. After having read and reviewed the first book, Falkes Peak, I couldn’t wait to see what was going on with Axel, Gunner and Dakota. I knew with two more sets of brothers and a sister there had to be more stories to tell. Kelan, Reider and Beth’s story did not disappoint.

The premise of a young scientist with something to prove and goal to achieve being the brother’s mate was truly clever. How could they possibly find their HEA when she was the very thing they feared...and yet desired? You won’t want to miss this story.

Kelan and Reider may have been litter mates with Axel and Gunner but it’s clear they are the younger of the set. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Kelan is most like Axel in that he tends to be the “dominant” hot-headed one. Reider is the one who talks him down and gets him to see reason. The writers built these characters well and made them easy to love. The same can be said for Beth. One of the aspects I liked about her best is that she’s reasonable. She doesn’t over (or under) react when the boys reveal their secret. She doesn’t faint or run screaming from the room but she doesn’t smile blandly and say “okay” either. The writers built her up to be a scientist so she takes it all in as a scientist…and then she determines to protect her mates.

Younger brothers, Tor and Sin, still have to find their mate. We also got to spend more time with the only Falke girl, Heidi. Personally, I can’t wait for her story. The boys have a lot to overcome in finding a mate but Heidi’s task is considerably harder. You’ll have to get into the Puma Nights series to understand what I mean. This is a terrific series from two very talented writers. There is lots of action both in and out of the bedroom to keep you turning pages to the perfect ending.

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