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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hammer Down by Moira Rogers

Hammer Down by Moira Rogers
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (333 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Foxglove

When hell reigns on earth, love is a luxury they can't afford.

Children of the Undying, Book 2

While the tattered remains of humanity huddle underground, hiding in their virtual world, Devi prefers living topside, making dangerous hauls through the demon-infested wasteland earth has become. The wealth that comes from smuggling supplies to those shunned as summoner-born or demon-touched doesn’t hurt, either.

The man she meets to arrange one of those under-the-table hauls is complicated…and handsome as hell. Literally. A glimpse of the predator beneath his silver gaze and she’s tempted to break her cardinal rule: never mix business with pleasure.

Zel’s first look at the wild-haired hauler threatens to distract him from his mission—and reminds him just how long it’s been since he got laid. As the leader of an outcast settlement, he can’t afford to trust too easily. Devi’s got a reputation for running a tight, disciplined crew, but her very willingness to deal with him means she has something to hide.

Not to mention a hot, tempting package like her could be the cleverest trap his enemies have ever set.

Moira Rogers has built a futuristic, post apocalyptic world filled with humans, demons and those who are somewhere in between the two. The futuristic technology is fantastic, and the characters are all well crafted and complex. I love this world, and the people who live here - the good, the bad and those who straddle the fence between the two.

The demon Armageddon created chaos in the world. Fifty years later, life is lived in virtual reality, and in underground cities. Summoners and half bloods live apart from humans, surviving the best they can manage. There’s money to be had if you are brave enough, or foolhardy enough, to provide services to both sides.

Devi and her crew are truckers, bringing much needed supplies to the humans in their underground cities; and to the outcasts, she offers valuable commodities as well. When the humans jeopardize her crew and her livelihood by planting a spy in her transport to the Rochester settlement, Devi has to make a decision: leave the area or join with the outcasts at the settlement, at least temporarily, to regroup and clear her reputation.

Once she meets Zel, the half blood leader of Rochester settlement, she feels something that hasn’t happened to her before: desire, strong and not easily ignored. When it becomes obvious Zel feels the attraction as well, Devi decides to stay a while and explore this new thing happening between them.

Devi is independent, strong and courageous, leading her small band of truckers through the wasted landscape that used to be Minnesota. She has a strong sense of loyalty to her friends, the people she trusts. She only has one rule: don’t mix business with pleasure. But Zel tempts her more than anyone ever has. When things start to heat up, Devi decides some rules just aren’t worth preserving. I love Devi, with her strong sense of loyalty to those she calls friend. I also love her open mind, willing to give folks a chance, regardless of their heritage.

Zel is strong, handsome, and all male. His father was a demon, but Zel never knew him. The man who raised him and cared for him was fully human, and Zel honors his memory by leading the settlement the way he believes he would have wanted. He has a strong sense of loyalty, and will fight to protect what is his, whether it is friends or the settlement itself. When Devi gets under his skin and things start to get crazy, Zel has to keep her safe from both sides. I love Zel, and his wicked sense of honor and loyalty. I love his possessiveness once he decides that Devi is his, and the lengths he will go to ensure the safety of everyone under his watch, including Devi and her crew.

Hammer Down is part of a new series from Moira Rogers, and I love the atmosphere of this new world. The action in this kept me on the edge of my seat as I read, and the scenes between Devi and Zel are hot beyond volcanic. The secondary characters are all strong and I hope to see more of them as the series grows. There are several sub plots here: what are the humans after? What is Tanner? Are all of Devi’s crew really fully human?

I found the demon code of honor as followed by Zel’s true father to be interesting, and hope that he finds a way back at some point in time too. Hammer Down is a hot look at life after the demon apocalypse, and filled with action, passion and danger. If you like your romance with a hard edge and a thread of danger, this is definitely for you.

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