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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Her Wolfen Destiny by Jennifer Cole

Her Wolfen Destiny by Jennifer Cole
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (159 pg)
Other: M/F, BDSM, anal sex
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Dianthus

Calleigh Kennedy has been having graphic, carnal dreams night after night. She eagerly gives herself to a mystery dream lover who knows her body better than she does. She wakes every dawn both sexually sated and frustrated, and the dreams are growing in intensity.

Tragedy calls Calleigh home from France, but her return isn't what she expected. Everyone knows her, but she has only dim memories of her past there. The biggest surprise is Keven Cheevers, her delicious neighbor who stirs the most savage need inside her. The craving to get naked and ride him until they both pass out is becoming difficult to control. Problem is Mr. Scrumptious talks about some pack, its territory, and how it’s her destiny to lead them, as if he thinks they’re wolves or something.

Ready to hightail it back to Europe and put as much distance between herself, Keven, and Crazy Town as she can, Calleigh comes across a letter written by her grandfather. Its contents shake her to the core: her heritage has been kept a secret, and her life up until then, a virtual lie.

The person she thought she was, she isn’t. The person she’s to become, she doesn’t know. And a race from the pages of paranormal fantasy that she’s destined to lead has just become...her reality.

For Calleigh Kennedy the forest has always been a place of solitude and comfort growing up. Until her parents sent her away to school in Europe, she spent as much time as possible in woods with her friends. After coming home for her grandfather’s funeral, the last living relative she had, the comfort of the woods again calls to her. The comfort only comes during the day because at night she has been having the most erotic dreams about faceless man in these very same woods. When she comes to find this man can he explain why she has been dreaming about him and why she finds the same comfort with him that only the woods could bring her?

She has finally come home. For Keven Cheevers his intended has finally come back and yet she has no idea who he is and why she feels the things only he can make her feel. Keven knows, he has always known, and yet now he has to find a way to make Calleigh understand without pushing her away. Can he keep his feelings at bay long enough to make her fall in love with him or will his wolf come out and force the issue?

It took a while to get in the groove of the book, but once I did I was until the last page. I’ve read several other books by Jennifer Cole and each one has a unique style to it that made me want to read it again because it was so good. I did feel that the ending was a bit rushed, but Ms. Cole didn’t leave any loose ends which was nice. I would like to see this story as part of a series, since many of the other characters were people that I would like to follow up on. The plot line and dialogue never felt rushed and it seemed as though the author allowed the characters to tell the story instead of steering them in the direction she wanted.

Her Wolfen Destiny would make a great addition to any reader’s shelf of keeper books, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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