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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Layover Liaisons by Demi Alex

Layover Liaisons by Demi Alex
Publisher: Smashwords
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (31 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/F/M/F, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking, Exhibitionism
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

How have I, a powerful and rational businesswoman, been reduced to a sex junkie?

The Man in Terminal Two turns my body and soul inside out. He is all I could think of...his pleasure my greatest ambition...his touch my ultimate addiction. Yet, I do not want to know his name.

Shivers run up my spine and play at the base of my neck. He appears bearing lavish gifts and loving discipline. He is my every fantasy. He is my layover liaison.

In a hurry, but need a quick jolt of sensual excitement and seduction? Hop right into this very steamy tale because each command, every quivering sigh delivering a breathy ‘yes’, will jumpstart a reader’s pulse into overdrive. Once again Ms. Alex zeroes in on what a woman likes to read that seduces her mind and her senses.

The first thing I’m happy about in this story is that it’s not an overnight quickie. The protagonists have been building a relationship between stops at the airport as they travel on their jobs. Well, I’m assuming about the guy because the story is mostly told in the heroine’s first person point of view. The fascinating thing that the author did was to not only keep the man’s name a secret, but the woman’s as well. It’s quite effective. I’m as much in the dark as Mr. Terminal Two even though a reader get’s into ‘Beautiful’s’ head to understand her reservations, her worries and her dilemma. I understood that in life, this woman also referred to as “Bella”, is as independent, strong and stubborn as one could wish because she’s had to survive and thrive in a cut-throat business world. And the mysterious man with the Italian accent demands total control over her which she grants him, though not without a reader understanding just how hard some of his demands are for her. Then again, he’s also taking her passion and wishes very seriously and he grants them in grand style. It’s quite the turn on.

The Man from Terminal Two is as commanding a Dom as one would wish. Caring yet firm and giving generously to aid her pleasure, yet a reader will understand that this mystery man wants more from her. He’s intuitive however, and tells her what she needs to hear. I really believe he understands her more than she realizes. It made me wonder just how much he’s guessed about who she really is just from a few things the heroine said. One thing’s for sure, he has power, influence and commands respect from those he calls friends. Nothing illustrated that more effectively than the scene in the restaurant. Only really good friends, those a person could trust with their lives, would have helped out with such enthusiasm and support. One of the women was an acquaintance from his past and his current relationship with her speaks to a man very sure of himself and of a decent disposition. What must it be like to place yourself in such confident and capable hands utterly and completely? If it’s anything like what happens in this story, I think I’d faint from overstimulation.

I’m not kidding about the sex being stimulating. Yes, the scenes are written well and are quite effective but what is more impressive is that it aroused my mind, my imagination and took me where the author wanted me to go as The Man from Terminal Two worked his sensual magic. Having a glass of ice water nearby might be a good thing.

The editing was almost perfect. The only thing that wasn’t clear to me was the scene with the three women. I’m not too sure what was happening as far as how the heroine fit into the picture since it was happening behind her. I was a little confused. So, because she didn’t know, exactly, I didn’t, and that’s the challenge and frustration of writing first person point of view. But that didn’t ruin my enjoyment because I found out that this is a sensual cliffhanger. There is more to come, pun intended.

Layover Liaisons is just as it says; it takes place at one of the heroine’s layovers and it’s finite. When I realized that the next morning was it - the end, it just about made me come out of my chair. It can’t be the end! He’s getting those feelings of permanence, I just know it! She’s coming to a crossroads in her life where she is going to have to choose which is more important, the quality of her life or work reputation, and the book ended!

And that’s why I liked this book. I was so wrapped up in the hero seducing and wooing the heroine, the telling of the tale was so effective and convincing, that I needed to know more. I needed to follow them to their next layover and see what happens next. How will he convince her to let go of all her fears? To trust him with absolutely everything? If this story wasn’t so well done, none of those questions would haunt me. Since they do, that means this short little gem is a winner. I enjoyed watching the chemistry sizzle and pop between them and was satisfactorily entertained.

I enjoy Ms. Alex’s style of writing and her ability to focus on what makes a reader feel like they’re in the bedroom, or restaurant, with the leading characters. Hot stuff!

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